12 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Holidays mean colds and flu for many. We get tired and run down during the holidays and our immune system gets weakened.

We want you healthy this holiday season. Here are 12 tips to follow:

1. Cook healthy with organic ingredients

  • When cooking this season, be sure to use only organic ingredients for each of your recipes and holiday foods. Non-organic ingredients are covered in pesticides and other chemicals that destroy your health and weaken your immune system.
  • Eat paleo foods. Read why by clicking here.

2. Boost your immune system with key nutrients

  • There’s a reason the holidays overlap with cold and flu season – everyone is rundown and low in nutrients! Stay healthy during the holidays with essential nutrients proven to boost the immune system and fight off the cold and flu.
  • We have our Cold and Flu Kits for adults and children. These kits come with preventative, wellness dosing to keep you healthy and therapeutic treatment dosing to heal your body from the cold or the flu.
  • The kits are packed with proven immune system boosters to keep you and the family healthy and feeling great this holiday season. 

3. Use natural cleaning products to clean your house for company

  • When getting your house sparkling clean this season be sure to use only non-toxic cleaning products to keep you and your company healthy.
  • Toxic cleaning products are loaded with chemicals that do more harm than good. They also decrease immunity making you even more susceptible to colds and flu. Stay healthy and go non-toxic.
  • Here is a list of our top healthy household products we use every day at The Drs. Wolfson.

4. Stay hydrated

  • Traveling for the holidays by plane, train or automobile can leave you depleted and dehydrated. Be sure to focus on getting in your 8 cups of quality water every day to ensure proper hydration and health.
  • Staying well hydrated can help to keep you healthy and fight off bad bugs you may encounter. When our mucous membranes become dry they are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria so drink up!
  • Quality drinking water is important to good health!

5. Take care of YOU first

  • Similar to what they say on the airplane before take off, “be sure to assemble your oxygen mask first so that you can take care of others “, this message applies to your health this holiday season. Stop periodically for moments of self-care whatever that may be.
  • Give yourself a massage (or better yet, hire someone) to alleviate tension and stress, soak in a hot salt bath, practice meditation or go to your morning yoga class. Make time for you so that you can fully show up for your friends and family.
  • Another benefit to getting a regular massage? It boosts your body’s production of white blood cells, which stimulates increased immunity to keep you healthy and fight off disease.

6. Snack wisely

  • Preparing and packing healthy snacks for home or travel can keep you healthy this holiday season. This will help to prevent the temptation of unhealthy snacks like sugar cookies, Starbucks or any other indulgent item.
  • Make time for your nutrition this season so that you can stay healthy and fit. In a hurry? Try these packaged, Paleo, Drs. Wolfson-approved snacks.

7. Stay in and rest

  • When you’re feeling tired this season, staying in and resting is one of the most imperative things you can do for your body. It is one of the best forms of preventative medicine.
  • If you’re feeling worn out, stay in and sleep. This will help to boost your immune system and your health and prevent unnecessary flu’s or colds.

8. Be mindful to prevent overeating

  • On average, American adults gain one pound per year during the holiday season. Over time, these pounds add up and are difficult to shed.
  • Being mindful of what you’re putting into your body can help you to manage weight during this busy time of year.
  • Headspace is a great mindful app that helps individuals to mediate and focus on what is important. Headspace even has great meditations geared at the holidays and mindfulness. Give it a try!

9. Have the right type and amount of beverages

  • Just because it’s time to celebrate doesn’t mean you should send your healthy eating and lifestyle on a holiday. Excessive alcoholic beverages can interfere with blood sugar regulation and are also high in calories.
  • If you’re going to have a glass this holiday, choose an organic and health(ier) option like red wine. Be sure to also limit alcoholic beverages to 1 or 2 max. Alcohol acts like a toxin within the body and has the most calories per gram after fat.
  • For a healthier option this holiday season, try making your own mocktails like this Strawberry, Orange, Mango Mocktails and this Blueberry-Lavender Fauxito. Always use only organic ingredients!

10. Move your body more

  • Getting up and moving your body during the holidays can do more than burn off excess calories. It can also help you to de-stress and calm the mind.
  • Movement of any kind is one of the best things you can do for a healthy holiday season. Try walking, hiking, running, yoga or a local class at your gym. Your head and heart will thank you.

11. Stock the freezer with healthy, Paleo meals

  • During the holidays, everyone is overly busy with decorating, socializing, shopping and planning. Everyone wants to spend their remaining time with friends and family, which leaves less time for cooking healthy meals.
  • Plan ahead and prepare healthy, Paleo meals for when your holiday season gets very busy. Cook meals ahead of time that you can freeze. Then when you’re wrapped up with wrapping gifts heat up one of your healthy frozen meals for a quick dinner fix.
  • Try preparing some of these great, heart-healthy meals.

12. Relax more

  • The holiday season is supposed to be enjoyed not stressed over. Stress wreaks havoc on the body and it’s natural immunity putting you more at risk for getting sick.
  • Take time to relax and rest. By doing this you will feel more rejuvenated and happy for the holidays.

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