11 Tips for Preventing Colds & Flu in Children

It’s that time of the year again… the start of flu season!

While you can do everything to keep your home free of the flu virus, you can’t always control other places such as your child’s school.  Public schools are a place where germs and illness can often run rampant.

Want to cut the chances of your child getting the flu? Keep the flu away with these 11 tips from The Drs. Wolfson:

  1. 1. Avoid the flu vaccine

    Don’t believe the Big Pharma hype about the flu shot. The flu shot does way more harm than good. The flu shot has been proven to weaken the immune system. Your child’s immune system is their primary defense against illness (like the flu) and disease. The flu shot is ineffective. Even proponents of the flu shot will tell you that it is ineffective most of the time. Flu shots also contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals have been proven to harm the body. The best way to prevent the flu is through good lifestyle practices, good hygiene and use of nutritional supplements.

  2. 2. Teach kids to wash hands regularly often and well

    This is the first and best tip for preventing flu contamination at school and in public places. Have your child wash their hands regularly. Teach them how to do it correctly and to wash and rinse for the right amount of time (at least 20 seconds). This helps to reduce any germ exposures they have encountered at school.

  3. 3. Keep sick children at home to heal

    If your child becomes sick with the flu, the first thing you should do is keep them home. This helps prevent the spread of the virus. Have them stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever has subsided. This ensures they are no longer contagious before they head back to school.

  4. 4. Teach your child proper germ etiquette

    Make sure they don’t touch their eyes, nose, or mouth if they’ve encounter other sick kids. This is how germs spread the fastest. Teach them to sharing pencils, toys or lunch with kids who seem to be sick (i.e. coughing/ sneezing). Have your child wash their hands regularly. If they become sick, clean surfaces your child has touched at home. Check out what products (including great, natural hand wipes) that we use at the Drs. Wolfson.

  5. 5. Supply your child with their own school supplies

    Getting your child their own set of school supplies can help to minimize the chances of them encountering flu germs. Sharing school supplies is one the main ways kids get the flu.

  6. 6. Make sure your child doesn’t share food or drinks at school

    Teach your child to not share food or drinks at school and this will drastically reduce their chances of germ exposure. This is one of the best methods for helping them to avoid getting sick. Often, people are contagious before they have shown any symptoms. Therefore, it is safest to avoid sharing drinks, food, snacks or even lip balms, especially during heightened flu season.

  7. 7. Avoid water fountains and lunch trays

    Again, the goal is just to teach your child proper germ etiquette. This means not only stopping the spread of their germs but also being aware of where germs are lurking from other kids. Water fountains and cafeteria lunch trays are two germ hotspots. Since you’re trying to keep your kids healthy, pack them their own high-quality water and pack them a homemade lunch, as well. This helps to boost their immune system and ward off any germs, which is a double win.

  8. 8. Boost your child’s immunity with the right diet

    The foods you give your child every day determines how healthy they are. Food is fuel. Fuel their bodies with key nutrients to prevent getting sick. Here at the Drs. Wolfson, we recommend following our Paleo Pyramid to make smart food choices. Feed your children organic, nutrient dense vegetables and fruits as well as organic, grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish helps the body thrive and fight off disease. The wrong foods (i.e. processed foods, sugar, etc.) cause sickness. Conventional, pesticide-ridden foods also cause sickness and disease. Here’s why your kids should always eat organic foods.

  9. 9. Give your child nutritional supplements

    The best way to protect your child from the cold or flu? Build up their immune system so that if they do encounter bugs or viruses, then their body can mount an attack and fight off anything coming their way. Naturally. One the best ways to strengthen your child’s immune system is with nutritional supplements. Often, diet alone does not provide enough nutrients and supplementation is needed. Therefore, we created our children’s cold and flu kit. This kit provides proven immune system nutritional supplement boosters to help your child fight off colds and flu and stay healthy. The kit is the best tool for effectively preventing the flu naturally. There are instructions for wellness dosing (to help prevent sickness) or therapeutic dosing (to fight off illness they have).

  10. 10. Ensure that they get at least 8 hours of sleep per night

    Proper amounts of quality sleep is one of the best tools to keeping your kids healthy this cold and flu season. Sleep is the body’s natural way of repairing and healing itself. During sleep, the body releases hormones and other compounds that maintain the immune system and help to fight off disease. Having your child get 8 hours of sleep per night is essential to overall health.

  11. 11. Make sure your child gets enough sunshine and vitamin D

    When sunshine hits the skin it creates vitamin D, the body’s major immune vitamin. Getting enough vitamin D every day is important to improving immune function and increasing the body’s resistance to disease and infection. Sunshine (vitamin D) has been linked to preventing many types of disease and is considered one of nature’s best health sources.  Vitamin D is a switch that can activate key immune cells. Having an adequate level of vitamin D in cells can activate your kid’s innate immune response and protect them from infectious disease. If you live somewhere where it’s cold and lacking adequate sun rays, then be sure to get our kid’s cold and flu kit. The kit comes with highly absorbable vitamin D drops to prevent the flu and boost immunity.

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