Top 10 Ways to Live Over 100
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It is finally official. Life expectancy in the United States is going down. As predicted by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005, we may not live as long as our parents. To those of us in the natural health world, this trend is hardly a surprise.

Why are we headed in the wrong direction?

Researchers do not have a clear idea as to why life expectancy is going down. I think the reason is clear: the environment is more polluted than ever, the food quality is as bad as ever, and the medical industry is poisoning us. Cancer is rampant, heart disease is everywhere, and dementia is a 50/50 proposition in our 80’s.

Here are some examples of mainstream media disinformation:

  1. Sunshine is harmful (The opposite is true. Sun is life.)
  2. Take drugs for sleep and stress.
  3. You have too much stomach acid. Take acid blockers.
  4. Aspirin and statins should be in the drinking water.
  5. Vaccines are safe and effective (wrong on both claims).

The good news is, we don’t have to follow their statistics. We are creating a new trajectory and expect to live well into our 100’s. The key is “well”.

So here is our top 10 ways to live to over 100:

  1. Go Paleo and get hydrated
  2. Get sleep
  3. Get sunshine
  4. Get adjusted by a chiropractor
  5. Get grounded
  6. Get away from electronics (especially after dark)
  7. Get away from toxins
  8. Get active
  9. Get relaxed
  10. Get tested!

Now you know the answers. What you do with the answers is up to you. Choose wisely.



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