The Very Worst Heart Health Advice of All Time
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5 heart health tips you need to ignore

We’ve all gotten bad advice from time to time, but when it comes to bad advice for heart health, it can be fatal.

From companies making outlandish claims about aspirin to cereal makers trying to convince you that Raisin Bran is good for you, there’s no shortage of heart health advice out there.

The world is full of bad advice. Here are five pieces of outright lousy heart health advice to ignore:

1. Eating vegetables is good for your heart.

This is partially true. ORGANIC vegetables are good for you. Pesticide produce is a heart killer.

The problem is that very few Americans eat organic vegetables. Most eat genetically modified vegetables sprayed by poisonous chemicals that destroy our bodies, not nourish them.

Poor nutrition and exposure to chemicals are the top causes of heart disease. If we consume chemicals in our food, or food that’s been re-engineered by man, we’re putting the very things into our bodies that make us sick.

Stick with organic vegetables for extraordinary heart health.

2. Medicines and surgeries are the only ways to treat cardiovascular disease.

Not true. Pills and procedures will never be the answer for heart health. They cover-up the problem. The evidence of benefit for this model is scant and the degree of benefit is small.

In most instances, cardiovascular disease can be prevented, treated and reversed through proper nutrition, avoiding chemicals in our daily living, physical activity, sleep, sunshine and nutritional supplements.

Keep in mind that any time you take prescription medicine, you are introducing a substance into your body that is not natural and that your body is not engineered to handle. Prescription medicines only mask symptoms…they do not cure problems. Many have severe side effects.

3. Fat is bad.

No true. For years, fat has been slammed by doctors and medical associations as bad for your heart.

In truth, low fat diets make us sick.

New studies (and my own personal observations as well) support the fact that fat in our diet is actually essential to a healthy heart. Our ancestors ate fat for thousands of years yet heart disease is a relatively new phenomenon.

Watch this video from Time Magazine about why fat is good for you.

4. It’s OK to eat foods the government has approved.

Not true. In fact, far from the truth.

Our government is one of the few developed countries in the world that allow genetically-modified foods (GMOs) into our food supply. Many, including me, believe GMOs cause heart disease.

Our government certifies many foods packed full of processed sugars. Processed sugars are known to cause many health problems related to cardiovascular disease, especially obesity and diabetes.

We allow people to smoke like chimneys, drink until their livers rot, and inhale chemicals until we choke.

No, you can’t count on government approved foods to keep you healthy.

Our government is influenced by big food suppliers, factory farms, pharmaceutical suppliers and mass market food stores to approve and sanction a whole variety of food products with the goal being to make more money, not to make you healthier.

Animals are raised in deplorable conditions. Crops are sprayed with poisons. Our air is filled with pollution.

The profits are less if we eat right. Less people get sick, which means we need less medicines, hospitals, and doctors. If we eat right, our foods don’t contain pesticides and genetic modifications, leaving large companies like Monsanto out in cold.

There’s no money to be made in being healthy, which is why the government promotes foods that make us sick.

5. The more you exercise, the healthier your heart.

Not true. In fact, you can exercise so much that you create long-term heart health issues. Any time you exercise past the body’s ability to recover, you can become sick and injured.

Sadly, most people consider exercise as running on the treadmill for 45 minutes. This behavior is not healthy. Indoors, under artificial lights, in a location loaded with chemical cleaning agents is not a path to health.

Extreme training, often the type done by endurance and competitive athletes, has been proven to lead to scarring of the heart. The condition is referred to as fibrosis. Severe fibrosis causes thickening or stiffening of portions of the heart. This leads to irregular heart function and heart failure.

It’s best for your heart health to stick to the type of physical activities done by our ancestors. Avoid sitting whenever possible. Walk, hike and run sprints. Lift your body weight using body weight exercises three times a week. The modern term is interval training.

There you have it. The 5 most common heart health tips you absolutely should avoid. I’m happy to answer your questions or respond to your comments. Please leave them in the comments section below.


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