The Importance of Lithium – An Essential Trace Element with Therapeutic Value
We are all aware of the use of high levels of lithium carbonate for bipolar and manic depression, and how closely it must be monitored with blood tests due to possible toxicity. However, there is developing evidence suggesting that lithium may be an essential trace element, or at least an element that has therapeutic value, with the following just a small example of the problems where physiologic levels can be effective:
  • Animals placed on diets low in lithium were less fertile than those receiving normal amounts in their feed.  This finding may be related to the observation that lithium tends to be retained by the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary and ovaries.  In clinical application. the use of physiological levels of lithium has been effective in many previously unresolved cases of primary and secondary thyroid dysfunction and inability to conceive.
  • Lithium is known to have an inhibitory effect on the activation of the glucocorticosteriod receptor complex. Many of the symptoms of the manic phase of psychosis can occur in conditions of excess glococorticoid production and lithium will often inhibit the undesired effects.
  • Lithium is known to put uric acid crystals back into solution. Lithium and methylfolate or calcium folinate, should always be considered with gout and other conditions involving increased uric acid.
  • Both the literature (Canadian Medical Journal) and clinical experience indicate that lithium is often effective in controlling fibromyalgia when magnesium, thiamine, removal of food sensitivities and low carbohydrate diets have failed.
  • Lithium is related to blood cell function.  There is a lithium-sodium exchange in red blood cells with neutrophil and platelet formation stimulated by lithium. Lithium should be considered with the common viral pattern (lymphocytes increased with neutrophils decreased) and with reduced platelet levels.
  • Evidence from the peer literature and clinical practice indicates that people who drink water that is high in naturally occurring lithium have a lower incidence of atherosclerosis.
  • People who drink water that is high in naturally occurring lithium have lower rates of violent crimes, ADD and ADHD.
  • Lithium from vegetable culture produced by Biotics Research Corporation as LI-Zyme (50 micrograms per tablet) and LI-Zyme Forte (150 micrograms per tablet).

The above message is courtesy of Dr. Harry Eidener.
We have used this product successfully for years. Additionally, we added lithium to our multivitamin. Our patients are doing great. I certainly think that a lithium trial is better than nasty pharmaceuticals.

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