Super Immunity Salad Dressing

Do you struggle to find healthy salad dressings and dips? Look no further than this EASY and HEALTHY salad dressing, which can double as a dip. This recipe is a powerhouse for immunity.

This dressing combines healthy fat and protein that will add flavor and a nutritional and immune boost to any meal. The superstars in this recipe are anchovy, egg yolks and garlic. 

The anchovies add omega-3 fats, protein, and plenty of calcium from the tiny bones that you cannot taste once blended. Someone in the family not keen on fish? This is a sneaky way to add it into a daily diet.

Egg yolks provide additional vitamin A which we know is a powerhouse that supports immune function. Vitamin A isn’t found in many foods, but a deficiency in it can make you more susceptible to respiratory infections and other diseases, this is a great way to incorporate it.

Garlic, we know it keeps the vampires away (thank goodness for that), but did you know it also helps the body resist and destroy viruses?

Definitely ditch the store bought salad dressing – it gives “salad dressing” a bad name. They are laden with preservatives, inflammatory oils, like soybean or canola, and other unnecessary ingredients. Not to mention they are packaged in plastic which leaches chemicals into your food. Humans already have high levels of plastic in their blood, which is linked to heart disease, cancer, and hormone problems. It isn’t surprising people are so sick!

Look no further for a heart healthy, immune boosting game changer:

The Drs. Wolfson Super Immunity Salad Dressing

Feel free to adjust the amounts of the different ingredients in this salad dressing according to your taste. If you want it tangier add more apple cider vinegar. If you love the flavor of great olive oil loaded with polyphenols (great for immune health) then increase the amount of olive oil. You really can’t go wrong with this recipe, no matter what you do!

  1. Olive oil (or another organic oil of your choice)
  2. One tsp MCT oil (optional)
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice
  4. Anchovies (start slowly if you choose)
  5. Capers (tremendous anti-inflammatory source of quercetin)
  6. Fresh garlic (the amount depends on how many vampires you want to keep away)
  7. One pasture-raised egg yolk
  8. Spices (black cumin, cumin, turmeric, ginger, rosemary, oregano, thyme etc. ) Read more here about 10 Spices for Heart Health.

To make the recipe “creamy”, add an AVO-CARDIO – ½ to 1 whole

Do NOT add salt. There is plenty of salt in the anchovy.

Add the above to a blender and blend until smooth. We prefer a Vitamix, this is a great investment that will last for years.  Store the remainder in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Lasts up to 7 days but it is so tasty it won’t last nearly that long.

In this busy life it’s nice to know that you really can’t mess this recipe up. Too thick? Add more olive oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. For an extra probiotic kick add a little liquid from kimchi or sauerkraut. These probiotic punches are a great staple in any kitchen.

In fact, add whatever you would like to this recipe, it is a great way to get the foods you need into your body. Sometimes, we add sunflower or pumpkin seeds, sometimes sliced onion and garlic. Make it fun and make it different every time. Experimenting with healthy additions is always a good idea!

Your body will thank you for it and your family and friends will live healthier and longer lives too!

****By purchasing from the link, The Drs. Wolfson gets a commission which will go towards us changing the WORLD!

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