Still Feeling The Energy From THE WAVE.

We just got back from The Wave, a two-day event hosted by Life West University in San Francisco.

I spoke to a standing-room only crowd of over 700 people. Given the roaring ovation I received, my message went over well. Other speakers included Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (, Carmine Gallo who wrote Talk Like Ted, and many other excellent doctors.

The best part were the amazing chiropractors, students, and prospective students that we met. This was a group of holistic thinkers and practitioners without rival. The mastermind of The Wave is none other than Dr. Brian Kelly, the president of Life West University. The work he is doing at the college makes me want to go back to school. He is truly a visionary.

San Francisco offered plenty for The Drs. Wolfson. Aside from our usual stops to Whole Foods in every city we visit, we found some other spots to dine that should not be missed. First off, we wound up at Roam Burger for two meals. Enjoyed it so much, had to go again. Grass-fed burgers, gluten-free bun or lettuce wrap, and even organic ketchup! Now ketchup is not very Paleo given the sugar content, but even I had to indulge. Organic fries cooked in rice bran oil were a total treat. Our Paleo boys are still talking about Roam Burger.

Prior to our flight back home, we stop at The Plant Organic Cafe. The name says it all and the food was delish. We went to the Burlingame location. The organic coffee smelled great, but I did not indulge. However I did eat up my eggs with free-range chicken liver. Ooga-booga.

As luck would have it, there was a farmer’s market just down the street. Dessert was an organic farm-fresh plum. The farmer’s we met really complained about the continued drought. Stay tuned.

Can’t wait to go back to San Fran and will make The Wave a yearly event.

In health,

Jack Wolfson DO, FACC – The Paleo Cardiologist
twitter : @thedrswolfson

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