Could a Skin Tag Be a Warning Sign for Heart Disease?

Millions of people have evidence of danger lurking inside their body. That evidence is right before their eyes.

It is a skin tag. These small growths are common on the neck and axillary (armpit) region. The face is a frequent location as well. Skin tags can have a stalk or be flat. If irritated, they can bleed and possibly become infected.

Warning Sign

But what you think is a tiny cosmetic issue may be a sign of diabetes. Skin tags are more common in people with elevated blood sugar and certainly in diabetics.

Go ahead and have the dermatologist remove skin tags if you so desire. In fact, often you can do it at home by yourself. I have some strategies for you coming up.

Elevated Blood Sugar Means a Higher Risk of Heart Disease

We don’t need dangerous CT scans or nuclear injections to diagnose heart disease. The skin can tell us a lot about risk.

My experience with thousands of patients has taught me that if I find a skin tag, blood sugar is high.

If blood sugar is high, blockages in the heart arteries are likely. This doesn’t mean you need a stent or bypass surgery, but when blockages are present, we need to keep them stable or reverse them.

Prevent Skin Tags (and prevent/reverse heart disease)

  • Organic, Paleo foods
  • Get plenty of sunshine
  • Go to sleep earlier

Skin health and heart health start with good nutrition. If we stick with the food pyramid theme, the bottom of the pyramid is organic vegetables. Eat the rainbow of colors with plenty of leafy vegetables like kale, dandelion and arugula. My personal fav is snacking on raw beet slices. Follow that up with nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, coconut, and ethically-raised eggs and meat. Eat seasonal fruit and plenty of wild seafood like salmon, anchovy and sardines.

Sunshine stops heart disease in its tracks. Solar energy organizes blood flow, releases nitric oxide, and cranks up vitamin D. All these things are good. Sunshine also improves insulin function, therefore improving blood sugar. Get sun morning, noon and early evening. Eat a sensible dinner and go to bed.

Sleep is a time for healing. As we sleep, the body repairs and cleanses itself. All of this serves to improve blood sugar and clear out coronary arteries. Heart attacks are much more common in poor sleepers. Our ancestors went to sleep with the sundown and awoke with the sunrise. Do you?

There are a few supplements I love for heart health. These include berberine, spirulina and nitric oxide boosters. You can click the link to buy from us and rest assured get the best products available.

When you follow the above recommendations, you can recover your heart health AND skin tags can fall off.

Skin Tag Removal

Don’t try these techniques if the tag is close to the eye. Have a family member help you for hard to reach places.

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