How to Prevent Widow Maker Heart Attacks

In this video, natural board-certified cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson talks about widow maker heart attacks.

By watching this video, you will learn:

  • What a widow maker heart attack is
  • The causes of the widow maker heart attacks
  • Natural ways to prevent widow maker heart attacks
  • Nutritional supplements to help prevent the widow maker

The three main supplements Dr. Wolfson discusses to help prevent widow maker heart attacks are:

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Heart attacks are not from statin drug or aspirin deficiency. Yet, medical doctors only have drugs in their toolbox. Drugs are not prevention. They are a lousy attempt at covering up the problem.

Heart attacks, including the widow maker are from:

  1. Poor nutrition such as sugar, refined carbs, and artificial ingredients
  2. Lack of sunshine
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Environmental pollutants
  5. Stress
  6. Lack of physical activity
  7. Poor dental health

By following a healthy lifestyle, you can become heart attack proof and avoid the widowmaker.

Testing will help determine your risk of the widow maker. Tests like oxidized lipids, marker of inflammation, and immune activation are key to knowing your risk.

Find a doctor to test you with the most advanced technology.

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