Pinterest Attacks Freedom of Speech Rights

Don’t take free speech for granted, because oppression of thoughts and ideas can happen anywhere.

Pinterest has shut down our account for The Drs. Wolfson.

We don’t use Pinterest often, but we know many of our tribe members do.

Pinterest shut us down claiming a violation of their policy against “misinformation.”

Not sure what that policy is, but apparently it includes “promotion of false cures for terminal illnesses and chronic disease.”

I guess the fact that The Drs. Wolfson promotes organic food, sunshine, sleep, physical activity, toxin reduction, stress control, and evidence-based supplements counts as misinformation and false cures.

Pinterest also said that “anti-vaccination information” is against their policy.

The Drs. Wolfson promotes natural immunity. Should I dare question the need to inject aluminum, polysorbate 80, animal DNA and proteins, and antibiotics all in the name of hepatitis B prevention? Don’t do it on Pinterest. That is a violation. Here is a link to vaccine ingredients from the CDC website.

Pinterest states they follow the recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization). The same entities that think genetic modification of food will solver world hunger and hide data that African-American boys are at triple the risk of autism when given the MMR before age 3. See CDC Whistleblower discussed in this book and in Time magazine.

Our Wide Awake movie is full of evidence sourced from the CDC. We show articles from the CDC and the mainstream medical journals.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Dr. Mark Hyman wrote a book exposing the dangers of mercury in vaccines. All vaccines contain dangerous ingredients.

“America’s Doctor”, Dr. Mehmet Oz believes parents should have a choice whether to vaccinate or not. Same Oz who is on national TV. He is allowed freedom of speech? Did Pinterest shut down his account?

The US government entity the National Academy of Sciences admits that “research has not been designed to test the entire immunization schedule.” Did you get that? They admit the full schedule does not have research. How do we know that 72 doses of 17 vaccines are not destroying the health of our children? We don’t and apparently Pinterest doesn’t want us talking about it.

The CDC also has dietary guidelines. To their credit, many of their recommendations are good and look to restrict sugar and processed foods.

So, does Pinterest shut down accounts that talk about Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, and foods with cancer-causing ingredients? Doubt it.

The CDC is against saturated fat. Why doesn’t Pinterest shut down all accounts that have recipes posted that contain saturated fat?

What about smoking? The CDC and WHO say they are bad, yet there are 1000’s of Pinterest images of people smoking. Smoking is linked to millions of deaths in the US alone. How many people have died from chickenpox? Not many and probably zero if they were treated by a holistic provider.

The 24-year-old who works the vitamin aisle at Natural Grocers knows more about health than every cardiologist I have ever worked with…combined. My point is that when you seek out health advice from a natural practitioner, you will get amazing results. Go to your pill-pushing, vaccine pediatrician who practices like a robot, you are in trouble. Your kid is in trouble.

What does Pinterest say about drinking alcohol? Apparently, they don’t see alcohol as a problem with 1000’s of images of people drinking and millions of alcohol recipes.

Who is the next target at Pinterest? Chiropractors, DO’s, naturopaths, and homeopaths. How about those with different religions, sexual preferences or different skin colors.

By the logic at Pinterest, if it was 200 years ago, you could not comment against slavery or fight for the right for women to vote.

Cardiologist wants to post about the dangers of statin drugs? Shut him down.

Cardiologist wants to post about the latest studies showing cardiac drugs that cause cancer? Shut him down.

Pinterest is in clear violation of freedom of speech. Speaking about natural health and wellness is legal in every state, just as smoking and drinking are legal.

Promoting things that are illegal is where we can draw the limit.

And last I checked, promoting natural ways to prevent, treat and reverse disease is not illegal.

Saving children from vaccine abuse is not only legal, but it is also our moral duty. Children are not to be used in this mass vaccine experiment.  We have ZERO idea of the long-term safety of the current vaccine program. We don’t even have data on the short-term effects. What we do have are 1000’s of parents who claim their child is vaccine damaged. Call me crazy, but I believe these parents. After all, it’s their kids.

Will Pinterest re-instate our account? Who knows.

But what should scare you is what company is next. Is it Facebook? Google? Apple? WordPress?

Pinterest is on the wrong side of history. Freedom of speech is in the 1st amendment and has protected Americans for more than 200 years. Choosing medical fascism is not going to save their company. It will destroy it.

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