Patient Testimonial

DAY 90!!!!

Today is the day I dreamed about!
I wondered and obsessed about today. Wondering how I would feel, how I would look! Well, I feel human!!!!

Like how a body should feel not being saturated with crap crap crap!!! Not relying on coffee, sugar, or junk to get me through the day is a huge accomplishment alone!! I don’t even think of coffee, sugar, or junk. My underwear is pulled up half my body, have to wear belts now, yoga pants fall off when working out, I see body parts I haven’t seen in awhile, I have a shape, my bra doesn’t cut off my upper body circulation, I have knee caps and elbows, wake up rested, I can shave my arm pits without having to lift fat, I can tie my shoes but just bending over and not having to lift my leg to my knee, periods are nothing and hardly feel anything, picked up after my kids isn’t such a challenge, I can run now!, I feel strong and healthy! I am balanced all day, not sluggish and irritable.

I’m more “present” for my kids, hubs, and business. I stand taller, smile more, hug without slouching my shoulders, feel more attractive… I can go on and on.
Thanks for having faith and confidence in me! Thanks for pouring into me!!!

Wow! 90days and going strong. I always thought of what I would do after 90th day? Have a treat? A beverage with husband? NOPE!

I’m celebrating but continuing this journey! The desire for sweets and other toxic stuff is gone! I love how I feel more that a second of taste!! Wow! I’ll shut up now.

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