Organic Breakfast Alternative | Superfood Breakfast Salad

In this video, cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson shares his favorite organic breakfast alternative to eggs. He calls it the “Superfood Breakfast Salad.” Check it out.

Ingredients in this recipe:

Mix the above as desired. Enjoy!!!!!!1


Are you struggling with what to do for breakfast?

Are you sick of oatmeal or cereal, or even had too many eggs in a row?

Well listen. I’m here to tell you we’ve got a fantastic recipe for you.

I’m Dr. Jack Wolfson of The Drs. Wolfson and I want to show you our organic, Superfood delicious breakfast salad.

And what we have here, I’ve taken the liberty of cutting up some fruit already. We’ve got some nectarines and banana in here, but you can use any fruit that you want.

Apples are fantastic choices. Other stone fruits are wonderful. Even mango is a fantastic choice that we put in their as well.

So, try and find organic fruit that is in season. Local by you would of course be the best.

And then we’re going to add in there some other ingredients.

We’re going to put in some hemp seeds. It could be chia seed, it could be flax seed, a combination thereof. You really can just put it in there and use the amounts you want to use that work for you. And experiment with it. There is no definite recipe about one ratio to another.

It’s really super simple. That’s what we’re trying to do. Make it simple and healthy for you.

So, hemp seed is a fantastic source of protein and good Omega 3 fat as alpha linolenic acid, which the body has to convert to EPA/DHA.

And we also have some walnut oil we’re going to put in there.

And we’ve got some shredded coconut today. And finally, our Superfood blend, which is organic chlorella spirulina. That is a fantastic way to get this nutrition into your body and to that of your children too. So, secret recipe there.

And what we’re going to do now is put in some of the hemp seed. And we’re going to put in some of the coconut flakes. And we’re going to put in some of the Superfood. Yes!

Superfood is loaded with all different types of vitamins, minerals. Spirulina is in there for those of you that are into cholesterol reduction. Cholesterol is reduced by 47 points on spirulina. So, your body is not deficient on statin drugs. Your body is deficient in nutrients like that found in spirulina.

So, we’re mixing it all up here. And get a good shot of that. And this can store in the refrigerator for up to three days. But I don’t think it’s going to last that long because it tastes that good and you’re going to absolutely love it.

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