Natural Treatment Remedies for Weakness
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Do you feel like you lack muscle strength? Do you feel like you need to make an extra effort to move your arms or legs? These symptoms are signs of weakness.

Sometimes, weakness goes with fatigue. The two together make getting through your day very difficult. But you are not alone. Weakness is one of the most common reason for doctor visits.

The good news is that weakness can be an easy fix. But first, you should get checked to make sure nothing serious is going on. Dangerous conditions like anemia, kidney disease and heart failure should be ruled out. Serious thyroid and adrenal disorders may be occurring. Chronic infection should be ruled out as well.

What Causes Weakness

Most of us have experienced some type of weakness after strenuous activities or exercise. Your muscles may be sore, and you may feel weak and tired. These sensations for most of us disappear in a few days.

Health problems that may cause weakness include:

  • Low levels of potassium and sodium, two natural minerals (electrolytes) in your body.
  • Thyroid gland issues. Both low and high thyroid levels can cause muscle weakness.
  • Respiratory or urinary tract infections.
  • Myasthenia gravis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. These nerve disorders can cause weakness in the legs and arms.
  • Brain issues like strokes, or spinal cord issues or specific nerve issues in the body.

Sudden muscle weakness or loss of function can indicate a serious medical problem. See your doctor immediately if it happens to you.

Natural Treatment Remedies for Weakness

If you’ve been checked by a doctor and serious health issues have been eliminated, then look to these things to eliminate weakness:

  • Nutrition – Are you eating organic and whole foods or are you still consuming artificial foods, sugar, and/or gluten? Time to go to Paleo, eating the foods our ancestors thrived on for millions of years.
  • Sleep – It is a major problem to your health and a cause of weakness if you are not sleeping sundown to sunrise. Poor sleep is likely the number 1 factor related to weakness and fatigue. Sleep is when your body recovers from the strenuous day.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Just about every prescription drug and over-the-counter drug have the risk of weakness. Can you get off the drugs?
  • Sunshine – The energy from the sun recharges our batteries. Same with walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach. Morning sun is key. Let the light shine into your eyes and reap the benefits.
  • EMF – Check your exposure to electronics in and around your house. This could be a problem. Artificial light from mobile devices, computers, and TV’s are a major source of illness. Recognize this fact and act accordingly.

Supplements help to improve the healthy lifestyle. In addition to our Foundation 5, check out these nutritional supplements to fix symptoms of weakness:

  • Super B – Vitamins from the B group crank up neuromuscular function. B vitamin deficiencies are common in most people.
  • Cardio Q – Co Q 10 is the nutrient that make the energy-producing mitochondria fire on all cylinders.
  • Heart Beet – This red root vegetable is packed with nutrients including nitric oxide boosters. Fantastic for muscle health.
  • Paleo Cleanse – Excellent protein powder source loaded with nutrients to support nerves, muscle and basically, the whole body.

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