Natural Treatment Remedies for Memory Loss
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Memory loss affects millions of people. Whether it is you or a loved one, the emotional and physical impact of memory loss, often called dementia, is tremendous.

It might be occasional forgetfulness or loss of short-term memory but if it interferes with daily life, it can be quite frustrating. The good news is, you can do something about it now!

What Causes Memory Loss

Some of the more common reasons for memory loss include:

  • Nutritional deficiencies – lack of proper vitamins and minerals can impact the brain and create memory loss. B vitamin deficiencies are especially worrisome. Sugar, processed foods and non-organic foods cause memory loss. Lack of seafood is a major cause of memory loss.
  • Medications – antihistamines, antidepressants, pain medications, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, muscle relaxants and others negatively impact memory. Statin drugs are the “poster child” for pharmaceuticals that can cause memory loss. Chemotherapy is another common cause. Again, any drug can affect your brain.
  • Alcohol, drug or tobacco use – smoking robs the brain of oxygen, drugs change the chemicals in your brain and science has known for years (as have many a drunk person) that alcohol impacts memory.
  • Stress or depression – both conditions make it tough to concentrate, focus and pay attention.
  • Sleep deprivation – your quality and quantity of sleep impact your memory. Too little sleep or poor sleep interferes with your ability to receive and consolidate information.
  • Head injuries – severe trauma to the head, most likely resulting in a concussion, injures the brain and results in memory loss. See your chiropractor regularly, but especially after head trauma.
  • Stroke – strokes are noted for causing short term memory loss.

To properly evaluate and treat memory loss, we recommend comprehensive blood testing. Make sure you are tested for heavy metals and mercury amalgams. This will allow your holistic physician the chance to understand what’s happening inside your body, while providing a blueprint for treatment options.

Natural Remedies for Memory Loss

In most cases, memory loss can be reversed with the proper actions. Here’s what to do:

  • Avoid prescription medications. Most do more harm than good. Just read the package insert and the warnings. Memory loss is a possible side effect of so many, especially statin drugs. Look for natural supplements, nutrition and good lifestyle choices as alternatives.
  • Eat only organic, Paleo foods. Pesticides and other toxins used in non-organic food production will cause memory loss, in addition to destroying most other aspects of your health. Paleo foods are non-processed, GMO-free, gluten-free foods ate by our ancestors.
  • Eat fish. The omega-3 from the sea will crank up your brain. You cannot get the omega-3 as DHA from eating plants. You must eat wild salmon, sardines, and anchovy. Shellfish too.
  • Eat fat. Your brain is made of fat. Support it with good fat choices like coconut and avocado.
  • Use spices on your food. The nutrients from spices, herbs and other veggies are pure brain food. No recipe needed. Just sprinkle the ORGANIC spices on your meal.
  • Avoid grains. If you are eating Paleo, you won’t be having grains. Let us reiterate one more time that grains damage your brain. A great read on the topic can be found in the book, Grain Brain.
  • Get adequate amounts of quality sleep every night. Sleep rejuvenates and heals your body and is vital for good memory support. In fact, most memories are converted from short-term to long-term while we sleep. Sleep with the sundown and awake with the sunrise.
  • Clean out the poisons in your house. Stop using toxic laundry and cleaning products, toxic personal care products, scented candles and air scents. Here’s a list of things we use in our home.
  • Limit EMF exposure from your smart phone, WiFi, lights, etc. Turn off the WiFi at bedtime. Keep your phone as far away from you as possible.
  • Limit blue light exposure from indoor lighting, mobile devices, computer and TV. Buy a pair of blue blocking glasses to protect your health.

Nutritional supplements can help support your memory. Our Foundation 5 contains the multivitamin you need, the Omega DHA in the best formulation available, and probiotics to heal your gut and heal your brain. In addition to our Foundation 5, try the following:

  • Glutathione Boost – Crank up the body’s detox system with an amino acid to boost glutathione.
  • Paleo Cleanse – A protein powder to support healthy detox of your brain and your whole body.
  • Super B – B vitamins are essential for brain health. Load up today.
  • Superfood – Organic chlorella and spirulina provide massive amounts of nutrients while detoxifying the body. Combines perfectly with our Heart Beet and Daily Greens.


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