Natural Treatment for Heartburn

See a natural doctor for treatment of heartburn.

Heartburn is a common complaint and millions suffer from it: adults and children alike.

The public is brainwashed into thinking that the problem is too much stomach acid. The truth is quite different.

The actual issue is too LITTLE stomach acid, called hypochlorhydria. You see, whoever built us, gave us stomach acid for a reason. All animals have acid and enzymes to digest their food.

But because of poor nutrition and environmental chemicals, stomach acid secretion is reduced. One of the first books I read when going holistic was by Dr. Jonathan Wright MD. It is called Why Stomach Acid is Good for You. Check it out here.

Drug Makers Want You!

Big Pharma knows this, but there is no money to be made in natural treatments and targeting causation.

MD’s are ready to whip out their prescription pad and write a script for the drug whose maker brought them lunch most recently. The mostly likely class of drugs is the PPI’s. Commonly referred to as PPI’s, the drugs are proton-pump inhibitors. They inhibit the ability of the stomach to produce acid.

But these drugs are toxic and very dangerous. They are linked to heart attack, osteoporosis and brain disease, among many other disorders. Dementia risk is 44% higher in PPI users.

When you interfere with the proton pump of every cell in the body, you are going to create some serious damage. The cellular garbage can, called the lysosome, is dependent on the proton pomp. If the cellular garbage can doesn’t work, garbage collects in the cell and in the body. This is catastrophic to your health.

Here are some natural remedies that your natural doctor would likely recommend.

-Adjustment. The doctor of chiropractic will restore autonomic tone to the stomach, liver, gall bladder and the rest of the GI tract. See your chiro regularly.

-Betaine HCL. Your stomach acid is too low, not too high. Add acid supplements before your meals. Our DIGEST contains betaine.

-Digestive enzymes. If you are not digestive your food, it rots in the stomach, leading to GERD and heartburn. Our DIGEST contains digestive enzymes.

-Apple cider vinegar. Sipping on ACV, diluted 1:1 with quality water is a home remedy that works wonders. It is also very helpful for an acute case of heartburn. We love this brand from Braggs.

-Nutrition. Eat the foods nature intended. Organic, Paleo is the way to go.

-Hydration. Quality water hydrates the body and allows for more stomach acid secretion. Just don’t drink too much around meals. We use the system from Pristine Hydro.

-Vitamins/Minerals. Nutrients are needed for digestive enzymes production and function. Nutrients are needed for the proton pump to work.

-Aloe vera juice. The juice from the aloe plant is very soothing to the GI tract. Aloe is an excellent pre-biotic. Buy it in glass here.

-Gastric pulldown. Many people have a hiatal hernia. The answer does not have to be surgery. Many chiropractors are skilled at the gastric pulldown, thus relieving the hiatal hernia. This treatment is temporary. By cranking up acid production and digesting your food normally and naturally, the stomach stays in the place: in your abdomen, not your chest cavity.


PPI and Dementia –

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