Measles Got You Running Scared?

Didn’t Vaccinate Your Kid and Now Running Scared?

We get emails all the time from parents who didn’t vaccinate their kids and are worried about the latest outbreak. Questions like, “How can I protect my kid?” or “Is it okay to get the MMR? “

One mother even took to social media asking how to “protect” her unvaccinated kids from measles. The enemy (those who seek to inject toxins into children) howled with laughter and scorn, admonishing the concerned mom to “vaccinate your kids” as the best way to protect.

I ask you parent who chose not to vaccinate your child, why did you make that choice? What was your reasoning?

People choose not to vaccinate for many reasons including:

  • Concerns about short term side effects and reactions such as seizures or sudden death.
  • Concerns about long term effects from vaccines like cancer, heart disease, auto-immune, dementia etc.
  • Concerns about neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.
  • Religious reasons such as aborted human fetal and animal tissue in the vaccines.
  • Respect for a child’s innate intelligence and natural immunity to respond appropriately to a virus or bacteria.

I ask you parent, why are you running scared now? Are you someone who thought chicken pox and measles were gone, so why bother? Are you one of those people pro-vaxxers accuse of relying on the herd?

Please get educated parent as to why you made that decision. Learn about the infections and why we want our children to be exposed. Learn about ways to make your children’s immune system strong such as this study on vitamin A.

Find a holistic doctor to guide you, thus avoiding fever-reducers like Tylenol and Advil that destroy the body, and skipping the typical script for antibiotics.

Get your child adjusted by a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Otherwise run scared and jack up your poor child with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, animal DNA, antibiotics, and polysorbate 80.

All because 700 people in the U.S. have a fever, cough and a rash.

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