Low Blood Pressure Hypotension

Today, I want to talk to you about Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension.

I got a lot of people who ask me about low blood pressure and should they be concerned or not. Those suffering from low BP want to fix it. So do I.  

First of all, low blood pressure is definitely a concern and we need to figure out why.

Some people, when their blood pressure is low, don’t have symptoms. But other people do. 

The typical symptoms of low blood pressure are lightheadedness, dizziness, or feeling woozy. It could even be fatigue and it can be passing out. 

So if you have low blood pressure, let’s figure out why. 

The most common causes for sudden low blood pressure would be if you are dehydrated or if you have fever/infection or if you have some form of anemia when you are losing blood. 

Those are the most common causes of low blood pressure. 

Of course THE most common cause of low BP/ hypotension is taking a pharmaceutical for high blood pressure that can also lead to low blood pressure. 

Adrenal or thyroid abnormalities should also be considered. 
There is something that is causing their body and their blood vessels to be too open and therefore, have too low of blood pressure. 

I think what we need to do is to figure out why. 

And it goes back to the causes of everything that leads to ill-health, whether it is cancer, coronary disease, dementia strokes, and kidney failure. You name it. 

So the things that can cause low blood pressure, I believe, are poor nutrition, lack of sunshine, lack of sleep. Environmental toxins and emotional stress can do it. 

What we need to do is get a good sleep, sunshine and get adjusted by the doctor of chiropractic because that can help reset the autonomic tone and therefore, the blood vessels will function better than normal. 

Now when your blood pressure is low, easier strategies are, of course, stay well hydrated, drink quality mineral water, add a little sea salt to diet your as well. 

Also, avoid getting up too fast from a seated or lying down position.  

Finally, the best thing you can do is get tested. 

Get tested to find out other minerals and vitamins deficiencies that could be leading to your low blood pressure.

We recommend the Vibrant Micronutrient test as a great starter.

Email us if you have more questions about what to do about low blood pressure.

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