How to Detox Your Home in 30 days

We spend most of our lives at home and over 90% of our lives inside (WAY too much, get outside!), so why not make the indoors as healthy of an environment as possible for you and those you love?

We built a list of 30 ways to detox your house. The idea of this list is to remove synthetic chemicals from your life. Instead of explaining all of the reasons for the recommendation, we just make the suggestion to you. The post would be crazy long if I listed all of the medical reasons to get rid of air “fresheners”. Please take my word that I have done the research and this list is backed by scientific evidence. As always, we welcome your feedback.

The list does contain links to Amazon and other sites where we may get a commission if you purchase the product. The commission help keep our website running.

Best of health.

Day 1: Remove toxic air fresheners, plug-ins and candles

Get rid of all the spray air fresheners, plug-ins and candles in your home. These pollute your home with chemicals. Diffuse essential oils instead with this diffuser. But remember your pet, as they are sensitive to smells. Meyers makes a natural air spray.

Day 2: Clean out your food pantry

Throw away processed foods and conventionally grown, GMO, pesticide-laden foods. Remove sugary beverages. Replace with healthy, organic options so you are no longer tempted.

Day 3: Clean out your home

Dust hard to reach areas. Dust is very irritating to lungs and leads to allergies and asthma. Get into all cabinets and reduce clutter. Look for mold too.

Day 4: Replace your bed sheets and comforter with healthier options

Organic cotton sheets and wool comforter. Down and other synthetics outgas. Amazon has some great companies like Whisper Organics.

Day 5: Purge your refrigerator

Go through your refrigerator and dump anything that is not organic and anything that contains gluten. Freezer too.

Day 6: Get rid of fake plants

Part of removing things that collect dust, outgas plastic, and serve no purpose. You are much better off with real plants or an organic indoor herb garden. Garden produces oxygen and feeds the family healthy foods.

Day 7: Implement natural oral care

Natural dental floss and a quality toothbrush like Dr. Plotka silver-impregnated toothbrush. Natural toothpaste instead of one loaded with fluoride, flavors, colors and more.

Day 8: Get an allergy-free pillow

Latex rubber pillow. Down and other synthetics lead to headaches and allergies and a lousy night’s sleep. Good luck detoxing if you don’t get good sleep.

Day 9: Shut down (electromagnetic fields) EMF’s in the bedroom

Timer on your fuse box for the bedroom. Shut down the EMF to the bedroom. Great option for those super-sensitive to radiation. Turn off the WiFi at night. This step is real simple. Just find the router and press off. Turn on in the morning when necessary.

Day 10: Improve your lighting

Replace LED and fluorescent bulbs with these incandescent bulbs wherever possible. This is the best source of light as natural as possible.

Day 11: Switch to natural personal care products

Organic facial products from Era Organics. Have you ever seen the ingredients in the popular brands? Scary! Natural shampoo and conditioner. What goes on the body goes in the body.

Day 12: Quality water system

Not much is more important than your drinking water. We have done the research and this brand is above them all. The Wolfsons use Pristine Hydro. So should you. Great investment in your health.

Day 13: Substitute your toxic laundry soap with natural laundry soap

Natural laundry soap from Dr. Bronner’s. Toxic laundry products ruin your clothes and penetrate your skin. You do not want to breathe in chemicals on your clothes OR your sheets. We use this for laundry and other cleaning duties. The only place it does not go is the dishwasher.

Day 14: Get back to the basics with natural cleaning methods

White vinegar to clean the house. Dilute 50/50 with water. Or purchase a natural cleaner. We like Truce spray and use that often.

Day 15: Find a natural, toxin-free dishwasher detergent

Natural dishwashing detergent. 7th Generation is always a trusted source. Toxic products get all over your hand and into your body. Plus you breathe it in as well. Get the good stuff.

Day 16: Eliminate pesticides and chemicals in your home

No pesticides inside the house or outside. Find natural solutions and natural companies for pest control.

Day 17: Call to have your “smart meter” removed

Call your power company and ask to go back to an analog device. If they will not, get shielding from the EMF store.

Day 18: Invest in the best cookware

Quality cookware. Most cookware leach metals into the food. Imagine a bone broth boiling for 24 hours in cheap cookware. We prefer Saladmaster. Huge investment, but YOU are worth it. Contact us and we can put you in touch with a Saladmaster rep near you.

Day 19: Swap out your plastic storage containers for glass

Glass storage containers. Life Factory makes stylish products protected by silicon sleeves. We have used these for years. Avoid storing food in plastic and NEVER heat anything in plastic.

Day 20: Change up your coffee routine

Organic coffee and pour over glass coffee carafe. Coffee makers are full of plastic. Hot water and plastic are not a good combo for your body. Our favorite organic and toxin and mold free coffee is Cardiology Coffee.

Day 21: Skip the dry cleaning

Skip the dry cleaner whenever possible. If you need dry cleaning, make sure it is a green cleaner and they do not use PERC. Just ask.

Day 22: Purify your home air

Get an air purifier (or two or three). Air purifiers are proven to lower inflammation and improve blood pressure. We have them running in our house and office. Our brand of choice is Austin Air.

Day 23: Get rid of the mold

Hire a mold inspector. Mold is a major health hazard. So many homes have mold, but the owner doesn’t realize it. The conversation with the mold inspector should be, ” I have mold, come find it.” If you’re wrong, be happy.

Day 24: Throw away toxic deodorant and replace with aluminum-free version

Use only natural deodorant. Avoid aluminum-containing antiperspirants as these are highly toxic and carcinogenic. We love the options at Primal Pit Paste.

Day 25: Remove shoes at entry-way of the home

Take off your shoes upon entry. Tracking in pesticides and pollutants is not good. Use shoe covers inside and provide to workers etc. who prefer not to take off their shoes.

Day 26: Use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove particle matter often

Vacuum often for dust, dander and other chemicals. We like the Miele vacuum line of products with HEPA filtration. Very expensive, but again, you are worth it.

Day 27: Replace your memory foam mattress with a toxin-free, organic mattress

Switch to an organic mattress and dump the memory foam. Typical mattresses are loaded with synthetics, formaldehyde, and flame-retardants.  Would you buy a mattress from Amazon? Why not? NaturePedic sells on Amazon. Check them out.

Day 28: Go for the hardwood

Consider removing carpet and laying down tile or wood floors (without toxic adhesives). Carpet outgasses chemicals leaving your family and pets at risk.

Day 29: Unplug

Unplug the microwave. I have not used a microwave in over 15 years. Before that I used one 5 times per day. While you are at it, unplug whatever you can to minimize electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Your body is electric and outside EMF interferes.

Day 30: Say goodbye to toxic guests

Remove guests who have outstayed their welcome. Stress and toxic relationships are horrible for you health. Use the 3 day rule. After 3 days, time to go.

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