How Mold Can Cause Hypertension

The doctor told you that your blood pressure is high. 

They told you that you need to go on a pharmaceutical to lower your numbers down. 

But did they tell you WHY your blood pressure is high?

Well, I will tell you as I am always looking for the CAUSE of health problems and not interested in the pharmaceutical “band-aid” approach that doesn’t fix anything. 

I think one of those factors leading to high blood pressure could be mold mycotoxins. You should get tested and see if you have mycotoxins in your body. 

Wait! What are mold mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are small compounds released from mold in the environment (your house or work) and from food (corn, soy, wheat). The mycotoxins exist because the mold needs it to survive. We don’t. In fact, mold mycotoxins damage us in many ways. 

Over 300 mycotoxins are known from hundreds of different mold species. Science is telling us that these mycotoxins are very dangerous to human (and pets) health. 

The medical community is slowly starting to wake up to the dangers of mold and its mycotoxins. And now, YOU can get tested for it. 

How mycotoxins lead to hypertension? 

Again, if your blood pressure is high, you would be best served to find the CAUSE. And one of those causes is mold mycotoxins. 

Here are several ways that mold can raise your blood pressure:

  1. Mycotoxins interfere with vitamin D receptors. Source. Vitamin D affects every cell and function in the body. Low levels of vitamin D are linked to high blood pressure. 
  2. Mycotoxins are known to interfere with glutathione production and the production of superoxide dismutase and catalase. All of these help with lowering inflammation and oxidative stress. Inflammation is linked to high blood pressure. Source
  3. Mycotoxins impact mitochondrial function. These little fuel factories inside the cell create energy as ATP and make cellular water. 
  4. Mycotoxins interfere with nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide keeps blood vessels open. Think nitroglycerin, the pharmaceutical that opens blood vessels and drops blood pressure. This can’t happen when mycotoxins are around. 
  5. Mycotoxins lead to cellular apoptosis. It would be suspected to cause endothelial cell death and therefore diminish arterial functionality. 
  6. Mycotoxins damage the kidneys. These organs are highly tied into blood pressure regulation by disposing of excess sodium, retaining potassium and also hormonal functions of the kidneys. 

Exposing rodents to mycotoxins leads to hypertension. Source

What to Do About It

I created an excellent video on what mycotoxins are and how to get rid of them from your body. 

I suggest you watch this video on mold for more information. 

If you are looking for an immediate strategy to get the mycotoxins out of your body, follow these steps. 

  1. Get an air purifier from Austin Air.
  2. Get plenty of sunshine. The sun is a tremendous detoxifier. 
  3. Sauna 2-3 x per week. Check out my sauna blog. Incidentally, sauna use lowers blood pressure and sauna users live longer. 
  4. Start this supplement immediately. We call it Daily Defense because that is what it does. It is your Daily Defense against mold mycotoxins and other environmental toxins. Daily Defense cranks up glutathione, which as discussed is reduced from mycotoxins. Daily Defense contains phytonutrients known to combat mycotoxins. Also, Daily Defense supports the healing of a leaky gut, also known to occur from mycotoxins. Dose is 2 scoops per day. Oh, by the way, Daily Defense is delicious. Order some today

As always, we can help. Schedule a FREE call with a Drs. Wolfson health coach

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