Hereditary Heart Disease: 3 Tests That Could Save Your Life (Video)

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If heart disease runs in your family, at what age should you begin paying attention to heart health, and what tests should you have done regularly?

I get asked that question by people with concerns about preventing hereditary heart disease all the time.

I made a short a short video on the topic. Enjoy.

By watching this video you will learn:

  • Hereditary conditions do not cause heart disease
  • The true causes of heart disease
  • The age you should pay attention to heart health
  • 3 common tests to access the condition of your heart health



Are you concerned about a family history of heart disease?

Well, it’s not destined in our genes to get heart disease.

Heart disease happens because of poor nutrition and a poor lifestyle.

We don’t have to get these diseases…it’s totally preventable.

But what you need to do is find out your numbers as early as you can, as young as you can.

We can do the testing at any age but let’s do it the younger the better, before something bad happens to you.

We are once again not destined to have disease like our parents and our grandparents. That happens because of poor nutrition and lifestyle.

So, let me tell you about three tests you need to get in order to determine your risk and do it while you are young.

  1. Number one, advanced cardiac assessment using lipid particle numbers. Particle sizes. Looking at markers of inflammation. Is your body on fire? Looking at vitamin D, homocysteine, and CoQ10.

All those things are very important, and you can look at those on one simple test. Vibrant America, Boston Heart, and Cleveland Heart are excellent companies. Call us for more information at 480-535-6844.

2. The second thing I would do is a Wheat Zoomer analysis looking for a leaky gut. Leaky gut is leaky heart. Leaky gut is leaky brain. Get that information in your hands today that says, “Congratulations. You have leaky gut. We need to fix that. Congratulations. You’re sensitive to gluten. Let’s get that fixed.”

3. Number three, an assessment of intercellular vitamins and minerals and heavy metals. This is the Vibrant Micronutrient panel.

You can do these tests very easily. At the bottom of this page you’ll be able to check it out, at the end of this video as well, where we recommend getting the testing done.

So, get tested while you are young. Get the information you need to stay healthy and avoid all those diseases and problems that you have in your family history.

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