Healthcare Models | Sickness vs. Wellness

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I was recently interviewed on a podcast about the state of healthcare in the US today. Watch as I explain what I call the Sickness Model vs. Wellness Model of Healthcare.


Interviewer asks question.

Dr. Jack’s answer –

Sure. So, when I talk about the sickness model, is that it’s the typical pill and procedure approach that the average medical doctor provides. So, the medical doctor is not giving us any lifestyle tips. They’re not talking about nutrition. Maybe they’ll say a couple of words at most. Or follow this plan or follow the guidelines.

They’re not talking about the importance of sleep, and the importance of sunshine, and the importance of getting stress out of your life and keeping chemicals and toxins out of your life.

They only talk about an antibiotic. A prescription drug. Some new surgery. Some procedure. Some test you need to have done. They’ve got nothing for prevention.

That’s the sickness model.

I want to get people over to the health model where we talk about nutrition, we talk about lifestyle, we talk about the importance of sleep and sunshine and removing stress and staying physically active. We talk about these things.

We talk about the chiropractic adjustment. We talk about how people need to see Doctors of Chiropractic for all things health and wellness.

And, that’s where the revolution is on. You know, your generation doesn’t want to take pills from my generation. You want to know why. You want to know why you want to do something.

You are not the generation that just walks into the office and the doctor says, “Here’s your drugs.” Because you guys are saying, “Wait a second. Is there anything better than this? Or, I heard bad things about that. Or, I’m educated. I’m a smart young woman and I want to know the truth. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to take your drugs. I don’t want to do these procedures. I want better answers.”

And I think that’s really where the health revolution…

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