Diastolic Dysfunction Natural Treatment Approach

Doctors have long understood that contraction of the heart, known as systole, is an energy-requiring process. The filling of the heart with oxygenated blood returning from the lungs, known as diastole, was thought to be passive (not requiring energy).

We now understand that diastole is NOT passive and DOES require energy.

When the filling of the heart is abnormal, cardiologists call this diastolic dysfunction. This can lead to diastolic heart failure, or heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

There are no current therapies effective in improving outcomes for these patients. Myocardial energetics alters in diastolic heart failure and there is defective energy metabolism and increased oxidative stress.

I think we can fix this problem.

The foundation of health starts with organic Paleo nutrition, sunshine, and adequate sleep. Next we need to remove environmental pollutants, get active and get the stress out. Finally, see your local chiropractor as the adjustment undoubtedly will improve diastolic function.

The following represents my recommendations for supplements and diastolic dysfunction. Treatment plan is at the end. 


A recent study found that magnesium supplementation can improve diastolic function (DD). Mice were bred to develop diastolic dysfunction. They were given magnesium in their drinking water for six weeks. After the six weeks, DD improved based on echocardiography while mitochondrial function improved with increased ATP and decreased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species.In conclusion, Mg supplementation improved mitochondrial function, reduced oxidative stress, and prevented DD in DM. Source

A 1993 study on humans with DD was conducted. 10 people were given IV magnesium. In all 10, DD was reversed. Source


A high-potassium diet has a potent protective effect on left ventricular active relaxation is the result of a 2006 study. Source

Omega 3

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3-PUFAs) seem to favorably affect cardiac hemodynamics and may benefit the clinical course of heart failure patients. The role of omega 3-PUFAs supplementation on the left and right ventricular function of patients with heart failure was studied. 205 patients with heart failure were enrolled.


As compared with the control group, BNP levels in omega 3-PUFA intervention group were 34.6% lower, end-diastolic and end-systolic left ventricle dimensions were decreased by 2.5% and 3.7%, maximum diameter of left atrium was decreased by 8.4%, left atrium ejection fraction was ameliorated by 6.03% and as regards tissue Doppler parameters, TDI_Etv/Atv was decreased in omega 3-PUFA intervention group by 6.3%.


Omega 3-PUFA supplementation was associated with improved left diastolic function and decreased BNP levels in patients with chronic heart failure. Source

Co Q 

Several studies have found that Co Q 10 supplementation helps improve diastolic function. Source, Source, Source

Other supplements 

The following 5 supplements all have data supporting their use for diastolic dysfunction.They are all found inside our OptiLipid.



Green tea extract



The Diastolic Dysfunction Supplements Plan 

How do you know if the plan is working?

You can check an echocardiogram as the best way to assess for diastolic dysfunction. Normalization of blood pressure would also be a sign that DD is improving.

Advanced blood work is also an excellent way to check for deficiencies that could lead to diastolic dysfunction. I HIGHLY recommend the Genova NutrEval before starting any regimen and 3 months after the new protocol.

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