Chiropractic Care for Chest Pain

When I was a hospital-based cardiologist, I saw thousands of cases of chest pain. Most patients got the whole enchilada of a work up including chest x-ray, EKG, blood work, and a stress test. Sometimes a CT scan of their chest as well.

I am here to tell you that the vast majority of these patients did not need all of these tests. Billions of dollars are wasted on inappropriate testing.

All these patients really needed was three things: a good history, a good exam, and a good chiropractor.

You see, most chest pain is musculo-skeletal, not cardiac. Yes, we treat all these patients like they are cardiac, because cardiac kills. Yet, cardiac testing also produces TONS of money. Trust me, I have been there. Cardiologists make a fortune on inappropriate testing.

Back to musculo-skeletal and your chiropractor. The ribs are bones covered in muscle. The ribs can be injured or misaligned, leading to pain. Chest pain. Muscles of the ribs can be irritated from daily living or physical activity or sleeping in the wrong position. This leads to chest pain.

A basic history and a basic examination can tell us all we need to know. Patients do not need the “million dollar” work-up, exposing them to massive radiation.

They need a chiropractor to get adjusted, putting the bones of the spine and ribs back into position and restoring the function back to these body parts.

If every hospital emergency room had a Doctor of Chiropractic on staff, billions would be saved. Medical waste would be significantly reduced. Patients would reap the benefits.

Don’t count on it. Hospitals are not going to hire doctors of chiropractic because it would be bad for business. Hospitals are in the sickness game, not health care.

The sad part about this situation is that patients are still in PAIN. They went to the emergency room, not sure if the pain was from their heart. The medical doctors checked to make sure the heart was okay, but they never addressed the cause of the pain. They certainly didn’t fix the pain, unless you call narcotics and other pain pills a solution.

The solution is chiropractic. If you have chest pain and it is not cardiac, see your chiropractor TODAY.

I have seen hundreds of patients get better with chiropractic care. Sometimes all it takes is one adjustment for total relief of chest pain.

Sounds better than dangerous, useless tests and flushing thousands of your dollars down the toilet.

Find a good Doctor of Chiropractic and you will be in good hands.

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