Cardiologist Says Eat Citrus Daily

In this video, Dr. Jack Wolfson explains why this citrus must be a part of your daily diet:


Are you concerned about cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, struggling with weight gain?

Well the answer is certainly not pharmaceuticals. It’s certainly not statin drugs.

I’ve got something natural for you and it is the perfect food to help you for any of those conditions.

It is the grapefruit.

Now grapefruit is a citrus. The other citrus work just as well.

They’re very high in something called naringin And naringin is a tiny little bioflavonoid that is proven to work wonders in the body.

Lowers inflammation. Lowers oxidative stress. Improves cholesterol. Lowers LDL. Lowers triglycerides. Raises HDL. Improves blood sugar. Increases of all the good enzymes and decreases the bad proteins.

This is the food you need to get into you diet on a daily basis. Make sure it’s organic and not sprayed with pesticide chemicals.

Shop at a natural store. Find a local Farmer’s Market. Have some fruit trees and reap the benefits of grapefruit, citrus and naringin.

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