Can Antibiotics Cause a Heart Attack

Antibiotics were intended to combat life-threatening infections and STD’s. Now, they are passed out by MD’s like candy and fed to sickly animals made into fast-food burger patties.

Let the consumer beware. They cause heart attacks.

In a recent study, users of antibiotics suffered a 32% increased heart attack risk versus those who had not used long term (1). 

If you have recently take antibiotics, load up on probiotics like our Heart Helpers. 1 cap 2x per day for one box then one cap daily. 

The Problem with Antibiotics

Antibiotics can:

  1. Destroy our gut bacteria (microbiome)
  2. Lead to inflammation linked to heart disease
  3. Lead to deadly heart rhythms like Torsades de Pointes
  4. Increase nasty gut bacteria
  5. Diminish oral bacteria thus inhibiting conversion of food-based nitrates into nitric oxide.

Over 40% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary (2), according to a recent study. We think this number is much higher.

Antibiotics in animal feed is the biggest abuse of the drug and the animal. Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide threat to public health.

Situations that Typically Do Not Need Antibiotics (they are viral or allergic, not bacterial)

  1. Ear infection
  2. Sinus infection
  3. Urinary tract infection
  4. Skin infection
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Dental infection

Ounce of Prevention

Here are some steps to avoid infections:

  1. Eat organic, Paleo food. Zero sugar while combating infection.
  2. Get plenty of sunshine to boost vitamin D, realizing that sun is nature’s first disinfectant.
  3. Sleep well.
  4. Avoid chemicals that damage your immune system and increase infections. See my video for this reference and other problems with environmental pollution.
  5. Get chiropractic care to boost immunity.
  6. Get active and outdoors.
  7. Get away from stress. Put all energy into boosting the immune system. Stress takes you out of the infection fighting business and keeps you in the “run from a tiger” business.

Natural Remedies

There are many solutions for bacterial infections outside of the prescription realm. Hopefully you can find a holistic doctor to guide you on these remedies. Some of our favorites include:

  1. Berberine. 2 caps 2x per day usually does the trick. 
  2. Silver hydrosol from Argentyn 23. Keep this in your house for times of need. Directions are on the bottle. Best product on the market and there is no second place.
  3. Black cumin seed oil. 1 tsp 2x per day or use liberally in food. Try to find organic in glass. 
  4. Garlic Force– 1 tab 3x per day until 24 hours after infection resolves



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