The Best Natural Mosquito Repellant
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Someone recently posted a question on our Facebook page. They wanted to know our recommendation for a natural mosquito repellent.

Our Facebook friend asked a good question. It was a timely question, as mosquitos are out in full force this time of year in America.

It was also a relevant question, as most conventional mosquito repellants are packed with chemicals that destroy your health.

Most conventional mosquito repellants contain DEET(N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide). DEET has been proven to damage the brain and other vital organs. And when DEET is combined with other common ingredients found in mosquito repellants, its effects are even more toxic.

Your skin is like a big sponge. It will absorb anything you apply on it into your body. That’s why it is imperative you don’t put toxic chemicals on your skin.

There is an all-natural mosquito repellant that is VERY EFFECTIVE that won’t harm your body. It is DEET free.

There are two common ways you use this product:

  1. Wristband or anklet – made from cool and comfortable neoprene, this wristband (can also be worn as an anklet) comes with a packet of natural mosquito repellant that is easily used and easily replaced. Each packet lasts 15 days and each order comes with two packets. Packet refills are very inexpensive. They are even waterproof!
  2. Roll-on – use this convenient roll-on for up to five hours of protection. It is not waterproof.

We don’t recommend these products for babies under age one or pregnant women.

You don’t have to suffer from mosquito bites and you don’t have to poison yourself with mosquito repellants. Made by PARA’KITO, these repellants are safe, natural and effective.


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