Amchoor: A Very Healthy Spice
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Most Americans are unfamiliar with the Indian spice Amchoor, let alone able to pronounce it. But you would be wise to learn about its health benefits.

Amchoor (or sometimes Amchure) is a spice made from dried unripe, green mango.

In North America, we eat mango when ripe and a bright yellow/orange color. Of course, mango is very sweet when ripe. But in its unripe state, the flavor is very sour.

And people in Indian cultures LOVE Amchoor. In fact, many Indian dishes call for Amchoor, and the consumer reaps all the health benefits.

Amchoor contains lupeol, a power phytonutrient. Lupeol has been shown to (1):

  • Improve symptoms related to prostate enlargement
  • Is anti-inflammatory
  • Is anti-microbial
  • Is anti-protozoal
  • Lowers cholesterol (phytosterol)

Mango can reduce blood sugar. Animals fed mango flour dropped their blood sugar by 66%. Human data is compelling as well (2). 

Another component of Mango, mangiferin, can:

  1. Reduce periodontal disease and gum inflammation
  2. Improve thyroid health
  3. Lower uric acid, the cause of gout
  4. Protects the liver
  5. Lowers cholesterol
  6. Lowers triglycerides

How to get Amchoor into your diet

  • Use it in marinades
  • Sprinkle on vegetables
  • Sprinkle on meat and fish, especially white fish
  • Add to seafood soups
  • Gives a citrus flavor to salad dressing


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