8 Organic Halloween Treats Kids Will Love
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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Just seeing our kids in costume and how happy they are, brings a sparkle to the eye.

The scariest part about Halloween for The Drs. Wolfson is all the junk candy the kids are given as treats that harm their health. It does NOT have to be this way. Time to take a stand.

Loaded with artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and types of other food poisons, these treats destroy the health of children.

Organic treats cost more, but take a stand for your community. Only provide organic treats.

Our kids get to eat some organic candy, but we trade them the toxic crap they collect for the good stuff. Brody, our 5-year-old, is quite happy to swap out some packaged candy he does not recognize for an organic apple or mango. Dried fruit is another fantastic treat that our kids love.

For the little trick or treaters who show up on your doorstep this Halloween, we recommend the following (we included only individually-wrapped and sealed items):

Take a stand this Halloween. Stop supporting companies that use GMOs and chemicals in their products. If you give out treats this Halloween season, give kids treats that aren’t full of this garbage. Maybe by voting with our wallet, we’ll one day get companies to stop making products that kill our kids.

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