7 Warning Signs You Need a Zinc Supplement

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is needed for health. In fact, over 100 of the body’s enzymes require zinc to function and carry out reactions.

Zinc is not readily stored in the body, so the diet must supply adequate levels of this mineral.

There are also certain populations who are more at risk for zinc deficiencies.

Without enough zinc in your diet, the body cannot grow, develop or function. Zinc is needed for cellular health, fighting off disease and preventing DNA damage. 

7 warning signs that you need to supplement with zinc:

  1. 1. Poor immunity

    The body needs adequate levels of zinc to activate key immune cells known as t-lymphocytes (t-cells). T-cells control and regulate immunity. They are also imperative for finding and attacking cancer cells. A hallmark symptom of a zinc deficiency is impaired immunity and a susceptibility to infection and disease.

  2. 2. Skin issues

    The skin is the third most abundant tissue that contains zinc in the body. Zinc deficiency is linked to skin lesions and other skin disorders. In the skin, zinc can work as an antioxidant to heal and rejuvenate its layers, protect against infection and reduce inflammation. Zinc has often been used for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne.

  3. 3. Leaky gut syndrome

    Leaky gut syndrome is a serious condition that is often associated with nutrient malabsorption. Zinc deficiency has been linked to leaky gut. In fact, zinc supplementation can aid in closing the tight-junctions and reducing intestinal permeability by healing and sealing the gut lining.

  4. 4. Sleep problems

    Proper sleep requires adequate levels of the hormone melatonin. Zinc is mineral that is needed for production and regulation of melatonin. Without adequate levels of zinc, the body cannot create enough melatonin and thus sleep becomes impaired.

  5. 5. Hair loss

    When the body doesn’t have enough thyroid hormones, it cannot fully absorb zinc. Depleted zinc levels are associated with thinning hair and hair loss as a result. Zinc supplementation can help to restore hair health.

  6. 6. Neurological disorders

    Zinc plays a role in neurological health. Zinc levels naturally decline with age, which puts elderly individuals more at risk for neurodegeneration. Research has shown that zinc supplements can help to prevent cognitive and memory decline (Source). Many of the neurons (cells) in the brain have (and require) high zinc levels. Zinc is required for many of the neurons to function properly.

  7. 7. Allergies

    Zinc is a mineral that is needed to store histamine. When there are low zinc levels, then the body releases more histamine to the tissues resulting in increased allergy symptoms such as sneezing, stuffiness, and hives. Additionally, high histamine levels can result in increased risk for allergies to both food and the environment.

How do I know if I have inadequate or deficient zinc levels?

Get your zinc levels checked with the best micronutrient testing in the world. This micronutrient test analyzes the level of micronutrients (like zinc) that are in your blood and also the level in your cells (where these nutrients belong).

If you think you could have a deficiency, it’s important to get your blood and cellular levels measured regularly. 

Populations at risk for zinc inadequacy or deficiency include individuals with gastrointestinal disorders, vegetarians, alcoholics, pregnant women and individuals with sickle cell disease.

How do I supplement?

A zinc inadequacy or deficiency can be treated with a zinc supplement and a proper Paleo diet rich in zinc food sources.

We recommend our zinc supplement. Take one tablet per day, or as directed by your physician.

Health benefits of zinc:

  1. Regulates immunity
  2. Treats the common cold
  3. Aids in wound healing
  4. Reduces risk of chronic disease
  5. Needed to synthesize DNA
  6. Required for growth and development
  7. Regulates memory and how neurons communicate with each other
  8. Prevents diarrhea
  9. Plays a role in fertility

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