5 Health Resolutions for 2017


Transcript of this Video:

Hey, it’s Dr. Jack here. New Years has passed and it is time to get cracking on those resolutions for 2017.

Let’s talk about five things I think are most important regarding the new year.

First of all, we want to get relaxed. Whatever stress that is in your life, try to work on getting that out of your life. If there are family members, if there’s relationships that you’re in, you may need to jettison those people and maybe you have to work through the relationship with them. But if it’s a situation where you know what, you just can’t resolve your differences, whether it’s friends or family, it may be time to move on. If there is stress at work, if you have any opportunities to take that leap and do your own thing, or change careers, whatever it is, please consider that as a possibility.

Look at myself. I was with a huge cardiovascular group up until 2012, realized my dream, opened up my own natural, integrative cardiology practice, and it’s been absolutely fantastic since. So, take it from a guy that took that leap of faith. It worked out well for me. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Number two is eat paleo. Eat the foods our ancestors did for millions of years. Tons of vegetables. Free-range, grass-fed meat. Wild seafood. Nuts. Seeds. Eggs. Avocados. Coconuts. Fruit, when in season. That is your best bet to healthy, healthy, nutrition. Our ancestors were eating those foods for millions of years when they thrived, not survived, but they actually thrived into the people that we are today.

Number three – make sure you go visit your chiropractor. Get chiropractic care. It helps put the body back in alignment. Those vertebral subluxations do such damage to the autonomic nervous system. I know how it affects cardiology patients. I see it in my practice every single day. I refer everyone out for chiropractic care and the results are absolutely miraculous. I’ve seen my wife, Dr. Heather of course, work miracles with her hands. Kids come in with ear infections, throat infections, tonsillitis and boom, they’re up and running around the office in no time and back to normal. We can do it all naturally.

Number four, get sleep. You want to go to sleep with the sun down, and awake with the sun rise. What we’re about is offering you answers. What you do with those answers is up to you. But you know the truth. Up until about 150 years ago, our ancestors always went to sleep with the sun down and awoke with the sun rise. Edison and Tesla invented electricity and so many health problems started since then.

And number five, get sunshine. Early to bed, early to rise, and the rest of the time you are in the sun. The sun is the source of all life. Any doctor or talking head on television that tells you to avoid the sun – they’re crazy, they’re misinformed, they’re brainwashed. The sun is the source of all life. Our ancestors have been in the sun for a million years. Plants have been in the sun for a billion years. The sun does so much. The sunshine comes in, hits the back of the eye, collected by the retina, fires back into the brain, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the paraventricular nucleus, circles down through the cervical spine, back up into the pineal gland, release melatonin and melatonin works its magic.

Those are the top five things you want to do as a new year resolution for a happy and healthy 2017.


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