3 Common Foods Destroying Your Health

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Dr. Jack shares three common foods most people eat that destroy their health.

By watching this video you will learn:

  • Why you should avoid genetically modified foods (GMOs)
  • Why corn, soy and potatoes are destroying your health
  • That the only potatoes you should eat are organic potatoes

Transcript of Video:

Hello! I’m Dr. Jack Wolfson, board certified cardiologist of The Drs. Wolfson and I want to tell you about three common foods that are destroying your health.

These are corn, potatoes and soy.

Why are these three that are so villainous in our society?

Because they are genetically modified foods. And GMO foods not only are dangerous because they change our DNA in our gut, but they are also loaded with pesticides and those pesticides change our gut, change our gut bacteria, leading to leaky gut, which leads to disease.

So, these are three foods you want to avoid.

Now, I’m not a big fan of corn and potatoes because they are higher in carbohydrates but if you’re going to do the potatoes and you do yams and sweet potatoes, they do have nutrients that are in there. They are Paleolithic foods. Our ancestors would have eaten those foods.

So, I’m OK with organic potatoes a couple of times a per week.

Now, when it comes to soy, soy is definitely a no-no. Soy is always GMO. It’s very hard to find organic soy and even if you do, soy interferes with thyroid function, gut function, endocrine function. We don’t need soy in our diet. It’s not part of a healthy diet.

And then of course corn. Corn is really carbolicious. It all turns into sugar. That’s why most sugar is made actually from corn and high fructose corn syrup which of course you are familiar with.

So, those are the three main foods I tell you to stay away from. Certainly, when they’re GMO. Occasional potatoes but skip the corn and skip the soy.

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