20 Heart Healthy Foods on Amazon

How can you get some of the healthiest foods for your heart delivered to your door? Why Amazon, of course. Don’t get me wrong, I love to support the mom and pop grocer too. Whenever we can, we shop local. But here is our list of top 20 foods on Amazon that are heart healthy and can be on your doorstep in 2 days.

  1. Sardines

    Loaded with omega-3 fats, proteins, vitamin and minerals, sardines are hard to beat for heart health. Eat straight out of the jar or in a can with organic olive oil, mix with this organic soy-free mayonnaise from Sir Kensington, or on this gluten-free cracker.

  2. Beets

    We sell hundreds of bottles of our Heart Beet powder per month. Beets are loaded with nitrates to open up blood vessels, improve blood flow, naturally relieve pain, and are a natural blood thinner. Oh, and they are delicious. We love this organic beet snack.

  3. Organs

    The organs are offal, not awful. Prized cut of meat from animals that modern peoples have forgot about. Don’t make that mistake. You can buy organ cuts from your local grocer or just take this supplement on Amazon. To prepare the offal, read this book. We also sell a fantastic product on our website called Kick Start My Heart.

  4. Almonds

    Good fats, fiber, and minerals along with tons of research proving that almonds are heart healthy. If you buy almonds, either get organic sprouted like these or sprout your own.

  5. Blueberries

    Berries are low in sugar and loaded with polyphenol and other phytonutrients to combat inflammation and free-radical damage. Great snack or added to a smoothie. Try out this organic option from Karen’s Naturals.

  6. Ghee

    Cooking fats can be heart healthy and tasty. Because of the high smoke point, the fats in ghee are resistant to heat damage. For your eggs, burgers, seafood or veggies, try 4th and Heart grass-fed ghee options. Great for those with dairy intolerance.

  7. Macadamia

    I love the taste of macadamia and they are fantastic source of high quality fat. They keep you full for hours and make for the perfect snack while travelling. I buy them in these 2 pound bags from Food to Live. Although expensive, a little goes a long way.

  8. Meat bars

    Nothing says great snack on the go or before a workout like a grass-fed meat bar. Fortunately, many companies are coming up with great products, but I especially love the sticks from Paleo Valley.

  9. Salmon

    The second seafood option on the list is none other than Alaskan salmon. This is a staple in our home when fresh, but getting wild salmon in a can from Wild Planet is a great option for travel (and the dog loves it too). Again, nothing is more important than omega-3 fats found in seafood when it comes to heart health. Great source of calcium too.

  10. Coconut

    Coconut sometimes gets a bad rap from the health authorities, yet islanders in the south Pacific would argue otherwise. The saturated fats in coconut are great for your heart and brain. Coconuts also contain fiber, magnesium and potassium, so don’t be afraid of this delicious snack or to use organic coconut oil in glass for cooking or these organic flavored coconut butters in your smoothie.

  11. Cacao

    The bean/seed that makes chocolate is loaded with fiber and magnesium. And when you get the organic crunchy cacao nibs from Navitas and add to your breakfast grain-free cereal or smoothie, a healthy and happy day is just about certain.

  12. Garlic

    The “stinking rose” has dozens of scientific studies regarding heart health benefits. You can use the powdered spice or buy fresh, but this brand of organic fermented garlic bulbs is DELISH. Add to soups, salads or eat straight out of the jar.

  13. Anchovy

    Sneak the anchovy into salad dressing and the family will never know. What they will get is all the health benefits of omega-3 and calcium in the tiny fish. The real secret to the Mediterranean diet is these anchovies in glass from Crown Prince.

  14. Broccoli

    Everyone knows that broccoli is heart healthy and anti-cancer, probably owing to the sulforaphane. This sprout powder is organic and the perfect addition to homemade soups and gluten-free breads. Just about anything from the Food to Live company appears to be just what the doctor ordered.

  15. Spices

    Spices are nature’s farmacy. They are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and naturally promote good health. Many are natural blood thinners and natural blood pressure regulators. Simply Organic sells some fantastic spices and some wicked taco sauces.

  16. Oysters

    Another seafood option, packed with zinc and other minerals, is the oyster. I love them fresh, but when I cannot, Crown Prince makes a delicious option with spicy peppers. You won’t make friends on the plane, but YOU will be happy. Just don’t get any on your clothes and touch the oil to your eyes.

  17. Ketchup

    Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene and other nutrients for eye and heart health. The options today are far better than the typical Heinz with high fructose corn syrup. When at home or going out with our own ketchup, Annie’s has an excellent option unless you can find the unsweetened ketchup in glass from Paleo Kitchen by Mark Sisson.

  18. Mayo

    Condiments are king in many households and The Wolfson’s enjoy them too. But only the best will do for our family. It is great to know that there are some heart healthy options out there. If only addition by subtraction, avoiding GMO soy and other unhealthy additives. Sir Kensington mayonnaise is a great brand that we love to support.

  19. Pellegrino

    Okay, not a food and not a fan of plastic, but sparkling water from Pellegrino is the best source of sulfur available. Sulfur is a mineral that promotes glutathione formation and thus, detoxification. Perfect for a hot summer day and also works, for some reason, on sugar cravings. Trust me.

  20. Sea veggies

    As a snack or to make a “burrito”, use organic nori sheets that are loaded with sea minerals like iodine and phytonutrients. Try rolling up some sprouts along with turkey into the nori sheets.

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