10 Ways to Your Perfect Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy molecule mostly made in your liver. Although vilified over the years, cholesterol is something we need and cannot live without. It serves to protect our cells, make our sex hormones, produce vitamin D, and aid in digestion. Lowering cholesterol is not always in our best interest. Finding our Perfect Cholesterol is.

  1. Go organic

    No matter what food you eat, get the chemicals out. Artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners irritate your body leading to inflammation. Excess cholesterol is made to put out the inflammation fire. Cholesterol is made to repair the damage. This damage is done from pesticides as well, so going organic limits your exposure to dangerous pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate and atrazine.

    I recommend following the Paleo Diet. This nutrition plan followed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors is just common sense, but also has hundreds of studies to prove its efficacy. Organic vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, olives, pasture-raised meats and wild seafood. Skip the wheat, soy and gluten-containing grains, the sugar, and the dairy.

    I have seen this nutrition plan work for 1000’s of patients. It will work for you too. Cholesterol in food does not impact cholesterol in our body.

  2. Sleep

    A study from 2017 found that short sleepers (less than 6 hours) had higher levels of LDL and higher levels of triglycerides. This is bad.

    You see, sleep is when the body repairs itself, especially our liver. This organ is responsible for many functions including making cholesterol AND removing it from the circulation. The liver also helps to heal the inflammation from our food and environment. And this all happens when we sleep. So when you don’t get enough sleep, the liver and the body can never truly heal.

    Ideally, we would go to bed just after sundown and awake before the sunrise. That is how most animals in nature do it. In fact, humans did this too before electricity was invented.

  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine may be the most important way to improve your cholesterol AND just about everything else. The energy from the sun penetrates the skin and hits cholesterol running through tiny blood vessels. This energy converts cholesterol into vitamin D, a vitamin with hundreds of functions. So vitamin D goes up and cholesterol goes down. People with the highest levels of vitamin D have the lowest risk of everything.

    Smart sun is the key. A little in the morning, some at noon and some sun in the afternoon. Sunshine good, sunburn bad. If you are in the sun for prolonged periods wear a hat and and organic sunscreen. But please, embrace the power of the sun for your cholesterol AND everything else.

  4. Physical activity

    Many studies confirm that exercise and physical activity improve total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides. As we are active, cholesterol particles are used up by muscle and liver tissue.

    Aerobic endurance activity helps and so does muscle building or resistance training. Just do something everyday and preferably outside. My favorite activities include hiking, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Oh…I love CrossFit too.

  5. Household chemicals

    Again, we can discuss inflammation. The chemicals in your house get into your body leading to inflammation. With inflammation, lipids go up. The liver produces lipids to fight the inflammation AND gets busy with detoxification so does not adequately clear old LDL particles. This is very bad.

    Let me make an easy suggestion to consider. Everything you bring into your house, is it organic and natural or is it toxic. Laundry products, cleaning agents, personal care items like soap and lotions. Are they toxic or not. If they are toxic, time to get them out of your life. For more information on household items we use, please check out this webpage.

  6. Stress

    Stress is bad for your health and leads to abnormal cholesterol. A 2013 found higher total cholesterol, higher LDL and lower HDL in those with reported job stress. Stress of any kind spikes cortisol, epinephrine and dopamine. This response leads to abnormal lipids.

    It is easy for me to recommend reducing stress. Not so easy to accomplish though. But you must try and reduce stress or limit the damage from the stress. This can be accomplished by a good walk, listening to quiet music, or meditation. Stressful people and stressful work need to be ushered out of your life.

  7. Mold

    Environmental toxins like mold, metals and other pollutants damage the body in so many ways including heart attacks, strokes, cancer and death. Mold deserves its own place on this list for how ravaging its effects are. I created a 45 minute on mold- how you get it, how you test for it, and how you get rid of it from your house and your body. I suggest you watch this video and if you want to test your urine for mold, click this link.

  8. Dental health

    Most people wouldn’t connect dental issues with high cholesterol. I do and so do many researchers. Periodontal disease is linked to abnormal cholesterol and certainly to heart attacks and strokes. We suggest finding a holistic dentist and get an assessment of your oral health. Assess for sleep apnea too, also linked to dyslipidemia.

  9. Massage

    Bodywork such as massage helps to improve flow in our lymphatic system. So much disease is caused by abnormal lymphatic drainage. Good cholesterol levels stem from good liver function. Good liver function requires good lymphatic drainage. Get a massage monthly at least.

    This is a good time to recommend regular chiropractic care. You see, the brain is connected to every organ in the body, including the liver. These connections run through the spine. Good spinal health is the expertise of the chiropractor. Visit yours often.

  10. Supplements

    Supplements supplement the healthy lifestyle outlined above. When your numbers still need support, your doctor typically will prescribe a statin drug. Not me. I like to do it naturally. And the good news is that hundreds of studies prove natural remedies are effective. Trust me. I have seen 1000’s of my patients benefit from natural solutions.

First off, I love a good liver cleanse product for healthy cholesterol levels. Nothing is better than my Daily Defense. Check out the two delicious flavors here and take two scoops per day.

Next, try out our brand new product called OptiLipid. After extensive research, I formulated OptiLipid with six plant compounds PROVEN to get your cholesterol numbers on track. For more information on OptiLipid, take a look at this webpage.


Your Perfect Cholesterol can be yours naturally and without the pharmaceuticals. Give the above a try and check your numbers after 90 days. If you need my help, I would love to serve you. Give my office a call at 480-535-6844 and find out how to work with me and my team personally.

Cheers to your health and Your Perfect Cholesterol

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