What if your health is suffering from something you don’t see, is not your fault, and is not recognized by most MD’s?

I am talking about MOLD. 


MOLD is a fungus that can grow in your house and release spores and toxins that can damage your health. 

Anywhere there is water, there can be mold. Kitchen, bath, laundry, and in your walls from roof leak etc. 

Again, mold is not always obvious. 

These mold mycotoxins and spores can damage your immune system, interfere with your hormones and even cause muscle dysfunction. 

Not just your bicep and pectoral muscles, but your heart muscle and the muscle tissue in your ARTERIES!

That’s right. Mold can lead to heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy and MORE.

How do you know if mold is affecting you? 


Get tested. 

We suggest the test from Vibrant Wellness called the Mycotoxin test

  • 31 different mycotoxins
  • Where they may be coming from (food and/or environment)
  • Simple urine test

Order your test kit here. With your kit, you also get a phone call interpretation with someone from our team at NO extra charge. 

We will give you useful tips and strategies to get the mold out of your house and out of you. 

For excellent mold detox , check out our page on the health benefits of sauna

What you don’t know CAN kill you. Discover the cause of your health problems.  Here is a blog post I recently wrote about mold as well. 

What will happen to you if you don’t find out the truth? Will your health continue to suffer? What about your family and your pets. 

Get tested ASAP. Get healthy ASAP.