The Real Pandemic

Environmental toxins and pollutants are a major cause of illness. You name the symptom or disease, and I assure you, “envirotoxins” are a causative factor. I call this The Real Pandemic. 

Although mainstream medical doctors typically do not recognize envirotoxins as a cause, it is still true. You can’t fault the MDs because we don’t get the training in this field. 

But the scientific literature is full of articles and research about how envirotoxins lead to illness. 

We do the most advanced testing in the world to assess for mold mycotoxins, environmental toxins (pesticides, phthalates, plastics, VOCs and more) and toxic metals/elements. You can read more about the urinary testing program here

How to Fix the Real Pandemic

Once you realize that you are affected by environmental toxins, now we need to fix the problem. This is easier said than done. Here are some simple strategies for you. 

  1. Get out of the toxins. Indoor pollution, outdoor pollution, toxic food, and toxic personal care products all contribute to our toxin exposure. Please see this ebook for more information. 
  2. Get organic food and quality water. 
  3. Get sunshine, get quality sleep, get active, get happy, and get adjusted by a chiropractor.

Supplements for Detoxification

When it comes to evidence-based supplements for detoxification of mold mycotoxins, parasites, and envirotoxins, CellCore is the preferred partner of healthcare professionals around the world. 

Our patients (and us personally) have witnessed profound regenerative capabilities from the CellCore suite of products. We think you will as well. 

In order to purchase CellCore products from our website, you must create an account. Don’t worry, the sign-up is quick and easy. 

Please read about the following 2 options: Foundation and Comprehensive. 

Foundation Program

The Foundational Program is a 4 month long protocol consisting of 4 steps. It is your designated health “reset”. Most individuals can repair the health of their cells and restore optimal health by doing the Foundational Protocol.

Step  1 works to open up drainage pathways and take your cells through an initial period of effective yet gentle detoxification, followed by a rebuilding of energy production at the cellular level.

Step 2 works on targeting your gut and immune system to scrub out unwanted pathogens and toxins, balance gut bacteria, eradicate biofilms and optimize cellular energy levels.

By Step 3, the goal is to support the whole body and rev up the immune system. This is done by eradicating the hidden viruses, chemical compounds and even radiation. Step 3 also goes even deeper to pull toxins out of tissues that may have been stored there for years while also eliminating parasites.

Last but not least, Step 4 is a final detoxification through all systems. It works to bind and eliminate all remaining unwanted toxins, biofilms and remaining contaminants in the body. This phase is the last push for any deeply hidden toxins in the body. After that, cells are repaired and health is “reset”.  

Interested? Buy the 4 month Foundation program here for $897 or call us to customize your program. 

Comprehensive Program– information about why, what and how this protocol works- login to purchase

The Comprehensive Program is a 10 month long protocol consisting of 5 distinct phases. The Comprehensive Protocol is typically used for the chronically ill patients who suffer from conditions such as CIRS, mold toxicity, severe gut issues, Lyme and other co-infections, as well as other chronic diseases. Phase 1 works to promote energy and drainage. It works to open all drainage pathways and take your cells through an initial period of effective yet gentle detoxification, followed by a rebuilding of energy production at the cellular level. Phase 2 keeps you on some of the products from phase 1, while also adding in new products to further detoxify the gut, eradicate pathogens and biofilms, scrub out intestinal residue, and begin to build up the immune system. By Phase 3, the goal is to provide whole body immune support so that it is ready to go even deeper into detoxification mode. This phase works to ramp up the immune system, and further eliminate toxins and elements from tissues and cells. Phase 4 is the ultimate detoxification in which toxins and contaminants are further bound and eradicated from the body to prevent any recirculation of toxins from taking place. The goal is to get everything unwanted out of your body. Cellular repair is also taking place in this phase at a high level. Phase 5 addresses the immune system at the deepest level by promoting immune cell activity