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Month: December 2017

Is Chocolate Heart Healthy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat chocolate every day as part of a heart healthy, Paleo diet? I, for one, would be thrilled. But don’t run out to...

Healing The Leaky Gut

Now that you have been diagnosed with a leaky gut, you need to heal. (click here to order leaky gut test). Here is the way to rid yourself of the leak...

Chocolate Avocado Organic Pudding

One of easiest, yet tastiest recipes you will ever make. Packed full of delicious AND healthy ingredients. Your kids (and you) will love it! Organic i...

AvoCardio- Heart Health Benefits of the Avocado

Avocado or Avocardio? Eat this SUPERfood often for Heart Health People ask us all the time the best foods for heart health. Fortunately, there are man...

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12 things in your home that damage your heart.

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