Nature’s Viagra? Here’s a Natural Alternative…

L-citrulline is an amino acid that was first isolated from watermelon rinds. Years of studying this protein building block have led to some interesting findings.

In a recent study, men with mild erectile dysfunction received a placebo for 1 month and L-citrulline, 1.5 g/d, for another month. The erection hardness score, number of intercourses per month, treatment satisfaction, and adverse events were recorded.

A total of 24 patients, mean age 57, finished the study without adverse events. An improvement in the erection hardness score occurred in 50% of the men taking L-citrulline and only 8% of the men when taking placebo. The average number of intercourses per month doubled in the treatment group. All patients reporting an erection hardness score improvement stated they were very satisfied. (1)

While L-citrulline may not be as effective as Viagra, supplementation is cheap, safe, and effective, with minimal side effects. It addresses cause, Viagra does not. 

That is why we put L-citrulline into our Vessel Support. Patients are raving over it. 

“Vessel Support was the missing ingredient in my supplements cabinet. “- Jim C

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There are also cardiovascular effects of this supplement.

A study was done on 35 heart failure patients randomized into two groups: experimental group, with oral L-citrulline supplementation (3 g/day)and control group.

In the experimental group the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) increased by 20%. In addition, heart failure symptoms markedly improved in 35%. (2) Another study found that a combination of the amino acids citrulline and arginine improve endothelial function and blood pressure in patients with congestive heart failure. (3)

L-arginine is another amino acid used by many people looking for natural remedies to hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and angina. It is a vasodilator that opens up blood vessels but the problem is it’s broken down by the body when taken orally before it can really start working. In contrast, L-citrulline escapes this breakdown and is then converted to L-arginine.

L-citrulline is excellent for muscle recovery after exercise and may even enhance athletic performance. (4)

Talk with your doctor, but you definitely want to give this supplement a try. Call my office today. You and your partner will be glad you did.

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