What Every AFib Patient Needs to Know About COVID

Millions of people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Fortunately, most people recover quickly while many actually have no symptoms at all. 

But thousands of deaths have been blamed on COVID. I don’t see it that way. I blame all deaths on poor nutrition, an unhealthy lifestyle, and environmental pollutants. 

I don’t mean to sound harsh or callous. Every life is precious. But I want everyone to understand that the key to surviving any virus is to make yourself bulletproof. I call this the bulletproof immune system strategy. 

By now, most people know that other diseases increase your risk of serious illness from viruses. Doctors call these other diseases comorbidities. Conditions like lung disease, prior heart attack, congestive heart failure, obesity, diabetes and more put you at greater risk of viral complications. 

AFIBBERS are at higher risk of viral complications as well. 

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be this way. 

I recorded a video webinar you really should watch on how to bulletproof your immune system. In that video are all the strategies I use to prevent the AFIBBER from suffering serious complications from COVID and other viruses. 

In short, here are some tips and strategies, but in the video, I go much deeper. 

Bulletproof Immune System

  1. Organic, Paleo foods. Pesticides, artificial flavors, and other additives are just a small selection of problems with the modern diet. All of these serve to damage the immune response. 
  2. Plenty of sunshine (do it smart though). Sunshine does a lot of good to the body, including vitamin D production. High levels of vitamin D from the sun may be your best strategy to stay healthy. 
  3. Go to sleep shortly after sundown (imagine that!). We need sleep for our body to repair itself. Awake at night diminishes melatonin, the master hormone that regulates all other hormones. Without adequate melatonin, we are in trouble. 
  4. Keep your stress levels down. Constant stress tricks our body into thinking a tiger is attacking us. A healthy immune system is not a priority when a tiger attack is imminent. 
  5. Get active (outdoors). At times when we are told to stay home, that advice is truly catastrophic to our health. 
  6. Avoid toxic chemicals and man-made electromagnetic fields. So much science in this area. More to follow. 
  7. See your chiropractor and get adjusted. I can list all of the science-backed benefits of chiropractic but let me just finish with…an adjustment makes you feel good. 

We all could use a lot more “just feeling good”.

Viral infections are also a cause of AFIB. Viruses lead to inflammation which leads to AFib. 

One of my favorite strategies to lower inflammation is to take my Daily Defense shake, daily. 

It is delicious, packed with nutrients/antioxidants and does not contain sugar. Again, I take it every day and I think you should as well. Give it a try. Don’t like it? No worries, I will refund your money. 


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