The COVID injections are not vaccines. 

According to the CDC, “Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease. But they have been either killed or weakened to the point that they don’t make you sick. Some vaccines contain only a part of the disease germ.”

What they call a COVID vaccine is not a vaccine. It does not contain the same “germs” that cause disease. 

The shot is mRNA synthetically designed to stimulate your cells to make proteins. These proteins are attacked by antibodies that are claimed to protect against COVID. 

Essentially, it stimulates an autoimmune response so your body attacks the protein. 

What could go wrong? 

  1. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use. 
  2. Efficacy data is very short term. The Pfizer study reduced severe COVID from 1 in 24000 to 1 in 1200. Small benefit in my opinion. 
  3. No long term side effects or safety has been established.
  4. Long term efficacy (or lack thereof) is unknown. Viruses and its proteins mutate quickly. Think flu shot every year.
  5. mRNA is coated in PEG nanoparticles. PEG is known to induce allergies and autoimmune disease.
  6. Other ingredients both disclosed and undisclosed.

The above represents why so many people AND medical professionals are not lining up for the shots. 

America’s Front Line Doctors group advises against most groups of people from getting the vaccine. The only group are nursing home residents where the vaccine should be considered, according to this group of MDs. 

We feel the best offense against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites is a strong defense. This defense is not injected. It can only be earned. 

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For other concerns about your immune system, I HIGHLY encourage you to schedule a call with our naturopathic MD, Dr. Lauren Lattanza

Cheers to a healthy future. 

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