Coronavirus and Your Heart

Warnings for people with heart disease are all over mainstream media the last couple of weeks given the threat of coronavirus.

People are running scared.

But I don’t want you to be scared. Fear is deadly. A virus is NOT.

Again, FEAR will kill you quicker than any virus. Certainly, the most recent one.

Let’s make you bulletproof.

What is a virus? 

A virus is a tiny particle that cannot survive without a host. All animals on the planet can be that host. In fact, humans host 300,000,000,000 viral particles. That’s right. As you read this, that many little guys are floating around your body. And that is normal. We also contain bacteria and fungi. Parasites too.

The goal is not to destroy viruses. The goal is to keep our immune system strong to keep ALL the viruses and other co-inhabitants in your body balanced.

Why is corona worse for cardiac patients?

I have two main reasons for you:

  • The health risk factors that led to your heart issues are the same ones that lead to a dysfunctional immune system.
  • Cardiac patients see cardiac doctors, take cardiac drugs, and undergo cardiac tests.

Let me explain.

Reason 1: People suffer from heart attacks, strokes, atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy because of poor nutrition and a toxic lifestyle. I talk a lot about this in my Amazon bestseller, The Paleo Cardiologist, The Natural Way to Heart Health. Most cardiac patients still eat the wrong foods such as sugar, wheat, and GMO/pesticide foods. Most cardiac patients still don’t get the sunshine they need, the sleep they require, and minimize exposure to the toxic soup we live in.

Reason 2: Heart patients see heart doctors. Because of this they never address Reason 1 and they never get to the cause. They are just put on pharmaceuticals. These same drugs that “help” the heart damage our immune system. The drugs do this by interfering with vitamin and mineral usage and lead to nutrient deficiencies. This is not good for the heart and not good for the immune system. Also, cardiac patients are frequently subjected to radiation-based tests like CT scans and nuclear stress tests. Radiation destroys the immune system.

Corona Fears 

Many studies confirm that fear leads to immunodysfunction. Researchers aren’t sure why, but it does. Sure, fear leads to bad habits like ice cream, alcohol and pizza. But there is something more.

We need to get rid of fear. We need to have the aura of invincibility. We need to know that we are not going to get sick. And if we do, it will be a quick recovery because our bodies have an immune system built for this purpose. Built to keep viruses, bacteria, and everything else in check.

The Plan 

  • Get sunshine. Sun kills viruses. End of story. Morning, noon, and afternoon.
  • Get sleep. Short sleepers suffer ALL health problems. 8 hours is perfect.
  • Get away from chemicals and toxins. Perfect time to invest in an air purifier and also check out the ideas on our page, What We Use.
  • See a holistic doctor. Come see me or my nurse practitioner or a holistic doc near you. Start with a good chiropractor and get adjusted. Let’s work to get you off the drugs.
  • Eat organic Paleo foods. These foods boost the immune system, instead of damaging it. Read more about Paleo here.

Nutrient supplements to support your health 

Sadly, even the best diets are deficient in nutrients. The soil is stripped, the air is polluted and the water is poisoned. All this leads to nutrient deficiencies. That is why we supplement. We have two support “kits” for you. One for protection and the other for emergencies.

Protection: The 4 products help to support your body on a daily basis. Vitamin, minerals, omega-3, probiotics, and body boosters are in this combo. This is your prevention pack. Cardiac patients NEED these nutrients. Instructions included. Buy your protection kit here.

Emergency- This kit contains 5 products (including the SILVER BULLET), all proven to help support immune health. We carefully selected these 5 to provide maximum benefits in times of need. When you feel like you are coming down with something OR everyone around you is sick and you want the ultimate in protection. Instructions included. Buy your emergency kit here.

You may have some of these products. Don’t worry, you can always get each product by itself by simply heading to our shop page.

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