5 Virus Protection Tips

A virus is a really tiny parasite. It can’t live on its own and needs a host. Our concern is when the host is US.

But viruses are all around us and always will be. In fact, scientists believe we already have hundreds of trillions of viruses INSIDE us already, along with tens of trillions of bacteria.

We will not defeat viruses and bacteria. We don’t want to. They help us survive and thrive. They were here first and we evolved in their presence.

The key is to live in harmony with viruses and bacteria.

We achieve harmony with these tiny creatures by living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Let me give you 5 tips and strategies to stay healthy now and forever.

  1. Get sleep– the key to a healthy immune system is adequate sleep. Go to sleep shortly after sundown and awake before the sunrise naturally. Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself. You see, during the day our body is in sympathetic overdrive. Go,go,go is the modern mantra. But we need the sleep at night to repair the damage done during the day. Short sleep was linked to pneumonia risk in 56000 nurses studied.
  2. Get sunshine– doctors and healers have known for thousands of years that the sun heals and boosts immunity. In fact, in the 1918 pandemic many were prescribed sunshine. The sun boosts vitamin D but also does so much more. Smart sun is key. Don’t burn. Get morning, noon and afternoon sun. Remember, our skin is a solar panel. If you need sunscreen for prolonged exposure, make sure it is organic. We like Badger Brand.
  3. Eat organic– to avoid pesticides, chemicals and toxins. These poisons damage the immune system, the liver, and the gut. All of this serves to destroy your chances of staying healthy. Lots of diet controversy. I am the Paleo Cardiologist and that is the title of my book. Eat fermented vegetables for good bacteria protection. But whatever your diet, PLEASE make it organic. Better for you and better for the planet.
  4. Avoid envirotoxins– that zap your immune cells and organs. Pesticides, phthalates, parabens, plastics and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) destroy your health. When the body is burdened from these toxins, how can it mount an immune response?
  5. Don’t stress– this may be THE most important thing for health. When the body thinks it is getting chased by a tiger, it is not worried about a virus. It is in immediate survival mode. Stress in the year 2020 is the worst it has ever been. Especially when you watch TV and see the world in quarantine, millions of jobs lost, and social distancing norms. We are humans and humans love to gather with family and friends. Stop the fear cycle and unplug from media.

BONUS tips

  • Take a good probiotic. Beneficial bacteria support immune function which starts with a healthy gut. Check out our Heart Helpers. 1 cap per day .
  • Keep silver on hand. Thousands of years of knowledge tell us silver is the bullet needed against viruses. Directions are on the bottle of the ONLY silver we recommend.
  • The foundation of health supplements in the multivitamin. It contains the nutrients to support a healthy immune system. Even the best diets leave people depleted of many basis vitamins and minerals. 4 caps per day of our MULTI is perfect for adults. 2-3 caps for kids based on age and size.

Don’t sweat a virus. Keep yourself bulletproof with the above strategies. You can learn more in my 1 hour video as well. Check it out at TheDrsWolfson.com/immune.

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